Big Surf

Big Surf

 Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA

Big Surf is a Progressive Grove band which plays an incredibly wide range of music styles while still retaining a cohesion in their compositions that makes the music a very enjoyable listening experience.


Big Surf is without a doubt, one of the more unique, yet not absolutely out-there-don't-understand-the-language-your-speaking, bands in the Northwest Chicago Suburban area. They are also dead set on becoming one of the more unique bands in an industry where unique is not a term used to describe any band heard on the radio. The style that Big Surf is starting to create is a product of open minded dedication and sheer musical talent. Big Surf is always doing the most they can to not only improve their chops, but also expand their musicality and genres they can incorporate into original songs. Big Surf has gone about exploring genres ranging from jazz to heavy metal, and still retains an understandable structure to their songs.

Big Surf started in summer of 2009 as an Umphrey's McGee cover band, and received immediate acceptance from the areas musicians and listeners alike. They recently released their first Demo Cd with nine tracks, eight of which are original songs.

Big Surf shows are always an event with a roller coaster of sounds that can be outrageously intense and simmer down to a mellow atmosphere. These shows can be pleasing to any ear that can still hear.


Big Surf (Demo)

Set List

-Rat That's Lost The Race
-Stitch Me Up
-Fire In The Whole
-Directions To Nowhere
-This Is Where I Sit
-New Orleans
-Roach Motel
-The Big O
-Where I'd Like To Meet
-Space Between The Lines
Umphrey's McGee Covers
-Miss Tinkles Overture
-Mulche's Odyssee
-Bottom Half
-In The Kitchen
Red Hot Chili Peppers Covers
-Under The Bridge
-Soul To Squeeze
Gov't Mule Cover
-Driving Rain
Sublime Cover
311 Cover
-Beautiful Disaster
Jimi Hendrix Covers
-Foxy Lady
-Purple Haze
Beatles Covers
-Come together
and more added often....