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"Wikipedia on Big Syke"

Tyruss "Big Syke" Himes (born in Inglewood, California) is an American rapper who was a friend of Tupac Shakur. His alias is a remake of "Little Psycho", a name he got as a child. He originally started a rap group called Evil Minded Gangstas in 1990, but was anxious to debut as a solo artist. He met 2Pac in 1992, and quickly became a touring aid and friend. He made his official debut in 2Pac's group Thug Life along with 2Pac, Macadoshis, Mopreme & Rated R. After the breakup of the group and 2Pac's release from prison Big Syke joined his second group Outlawz, under the alias Mussolini.

[edit] Thug Life

In the early nineties Tupac Shakur had always wanted to start a rap group therefore he created a group called Thug Life. Thug Life was made up of mainly unsigned rappers apart from 2Pac who was with Interscope at the time. The members were the founder Tupac Shakur, his step brother Mopreme Shakur, Tupac's close friend Big Syke and other members Macadoshis and Rated R.

Thug Life only released one album called Thug Life in 1994. The group split up shortly after this due to Tupac's ongoing legal troubles including spending time in prison. When Tupac left prison he had set up the Outlawz and Thug Life was history. - WikiPedia, Free Internet Encyclopedia

"Review of Big Syke - Big Syke Daddy"

There is a quote that once read, "Real soldiers will always push forward." This is definitely true in the case of Tyruss "Big Syke" Himes. In his early years as a child, Tyruss was given the nickname, "Little Psycho" by his fellow peers, befitting for his intensely wild behavior and gritty reputation out in the streets of Inglewood, California where he was born and raised... As he grew into a young man, his name transitioned to �Big Syke,� befitting for man of his stallion-like stature and tenacity. Drugs, Sex �n Gang Related Violence was the typical backdrop growing up in the hood, which possessed an allure that can easily seduce black youth into submission. It�s a game of Survival of the fittest and as Syke once said, "You gotta be a little crazy too survive in the jungle." After expending his energy on a life of crime and witnessing the many deaths of his comrades, Syke soon began to realize that he needed to turn his life around and look towards something more meaningful and positive. From living a dangerous life on the streets, Syke turned his focus on making rap music with lyrics that reflected the type of life he led. Originally forming the rap crew Evil Mind Gangstas in 1990, the group's concept of "Thug Life" was born long before the term became a rap trend. Their first album was entitled, "All Hell Breakin' Loose" -- filled with edgy, street-wise lyrics that became the soundtrack to the lives of so many young thugs that related to someone who has actually lived it. Syke used his hustling instincts to earn his street credibility, pushing thousands of units independently. The man that was considered, "Psycho" lucratively capitalized on his talents and was well on his way to a long standing career in the music industry... Ironically, he had no idea that he would soon meet someone who would change his life forever, causing him to put his own aspirations of expanding his own record label on hold... In early 1992 Big Syke befriended a restless, young rap artist by the name of Tupac Amaru Shakur, who later became widely known by his rap moniker, 2Pac. The two undeniably had a lot in common and instantaneously built rapport. 2Pac revered Big Syke as his "closest road dog" and as a Lifelong Soul Brother. Little did they know then that these Two Hip Hop Mavericks would soon become future Legends in the making. During the tenure of their friendship, The Street Savvy Veteran became Tupac�s voice of reason, discouraging him from falling susceptible to a tumultuous life of crime. He put the young 2Pac up on "street game," and in turn, Tupac fed Syke knowledge in the cut throat world of the rap industry. Syke states, "I was definitely his anchor - his foundation. He came to me for advice. Pac was attracted to living the Thug Life & I was trying to get out of it. He wanted to be where I used to be, while I was trying to go the other direction." Keeping one another in balance, Big Syke and Pac would embark on creating the very controversial movement known as, "Thug Life," which enthralled the minds of thousands of youth minorities of diverse backgrounds world wide. The Thug Life Movement gained a lot of notoriety amongst their fans as well as a lot of negative media attention from known political figures. To their followers, it was simply "a way of life." The duo's first album together was entitled, Thug life Vol. 1, which was released on September 26,1994. Their accumulative efforts would garnish a gold plaque that would set the pace for other great endeavors to flourish. Constant hours in the studio, late nights discussing life and politics, would soon create an undeniable bond between these 2 men forever. It was no surprise that 2Pac would recruit Syke to be featured on three of the biggest singles on the Thug Life Album -- "It don't stop," "Cradle to the grave," and "How long will they mourn me" -- a song dedicated to their slain friend, Kato. With the heat generated from the LP, Tupac recruited a few more disciples to form the rap group, The Outlawz. After being targeted in an almost fatal gang-related shooting, and facing various legal battles, 2Pac commenced recording the "All Eyez On Me" album within hours of his release from prison. The album was officially released in Feb 16, 1996 on the controversial Death Row Label, and quickly reached the Top of the Billboard Charts, selling Millions of records world wide. The fame from the album brought on instant success for Big Syke who was featured on the album's title hit track, "All Eyez On Me" and "Picture Me Rollin." Later, Tupac Shakur adopted the pseudonym, Makaveli after the philosopher Machiavelli, author of the devious politician's handbook entitled, "The Prince." To compliment his new identity 2Pac then christened his right-hand man, Big Syke with the name Mussolini. Rumors began to spread like wild fire indicating their intent to take focus on forming an all Black Political Party. However, not long after the release of - Reverb Nation


* Be Yo' Self (1996)
* Big Syke Daddy (2001)
* Street Commando (2002)
* Big Syke (2002)
* Black Thunder (2008)
* The Birth of Mussulini (2008)



Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Big Syke comes from where hip-hop was born; the spot where the mind is challenged against circumstances. “You gotta be crazy to survive in the jungle”. Drugs, sex, and violence lured him and many of his comrades into destruction until Syke decided to turn to the solace of music.

Big Syke starts telling his story with ‘Evil Mind Gangstas’. EMG was not a rap group or a crew per se; rather a collection of like-minded individuals who hung out together, supported each other, and just happened to record their history by making rap songs. Using his hustling skills, Syke sold thousands of EMG’s first album, “All Hell Breakin’ Loose”, which became the soundtrack to the lives of so many inner-city youth. The hard work put toward EMG built up his street credibility and led him into new musical relationships.

In 1991, Big Syke met Tupac Shakur and they quickly became, ‘Closest Road Dog’’s, (Tupac Shakur, Until The End Of Time). This relationship marked another grade of street graduation, as Big Syke also became Mussolini – the first of Tupac’s OUTLAWs. As well as being family, the two made lots of songs together, starting with, ‘T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.’, which is one of many songs that was never released in its original form. Big Syke was also featured on, ‘How Long Will They Mourn Me’ and ‘Cradle To The Grave’ from the ‘THUG LIFE’ album that ultimately reached platinum status.

Being a part of THUG LIFE meant more than just making music. THUG LIFE is an acronym that stands for The Hate U Gave Lil’ Infants Fucks Everybody. It is a consciousness, a movement, and a way of thinking that encourages the disadvantaged in society to rise above the challenges faced in the streets. Like EMG, Big Syke found another family of like-minded individuals who bonded for the purpose of prosperity. Tupac featured Big Syke more on his songs than any other artist, which is a testament to their brotherhood. From Tupac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ album, Syke was featured on ‘All Eyez On Me’, ‘Picture Me Rollin’’, and ‘Check Out Time’.

On October 16, 1996, Big Syke released his first solo album, ‘Be Yoself’ from his own label ‘Rideonum Records’. The album was well received by music critics and fans alike, and made way for more opportunities. Syke worked with artists like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Spice 1, Nate Dogg, and more, making cameo appearances on their albums. Syke did sign on with Rap-A-Lot Records, but decided to continue to move independently before the release of his second solo album, ‘Big Syke’.

As well as making music, Syke is pursuing other avenues of the entertainment industry. Dabbling in film, with the writing of a movie script, and fashion, with the imminent launch of his female lounge gear. The near future will realize the fruits of Sykes hard work, just like music has so far. A hustler at heart and a Souljah to the end, Big Syke rises above adversity and is still moving forward.