Bang it out production/Big Tay

Bang it out production/Big Tay

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We are music production company(Bang it out production)write an produce song. We are working with indie artist-Big tay..of Larger than them to put out great music so people around can enjoy!


Born in Brooklyn, New york however residing in Newport News,VA $BIG TAY$ is an outstanding artist thats gives hip-hop and R&B fans everything they could possibly want from one artist. His up North, yet down south swagger and sound gives you every dimension of urban music that you possibly could ask for. He makes music for the ladies, the fellas, and most importantly music that is relative to every race and religion around the world. Life is gritty chicago rapper with lot of pride to reppin the streets an give u life experience people can understand! His voice will make u feel what he see in this world. Scheme p is ready at the age of 21 to become a world get ready.


Single: Bad Chick feat.j-remy by Big tay produce by pscrills/Go Hard by life produce by-pscrills/Party Drug by life produce by-pscrills