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J.Christopher Lilley AKA Big Treal was born October, Twenty Fourth, Nineteen Seventy-Six in the “queen city” of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a graduate of North Carolina Central University with degrees in History and Political Science. The name Treal is an acronym for “The Real Education Always Lives” meaning his mission in hip-hop is to restore order amongst the ranks with real life tunes. This is not your ordinary emcee. Trust me!!
Big Treal’s strengths are his ability to convey his message to the urban youth without compromising his own integrity nor adding to an already out of control problem of violence in our neighborhoods. Is Big Treal a rappin’ T.D. Jakes?? Of course not. He is a rapping realest that is not afraid to test the boundaries of poetic license. Also, Big Treal has a flow full of clever, intelligent, and witty banter that entertains every human being that has the opportunity to hear him. His verbal wordplay is unparallel to any contemporary hip hop artist in the world, and it is clear…..He has come to reign in this millennium and will be the single most important human factor of our time and the next. Consider him the “John Lennon of Hip Hop for the next generation”. Big Treal has no weakness. This kid is serious.
Big Treal’s music can simply be classified as “memoirs of the crack generation”. This is reality rap filled with scenarios of fortune and tragedy, male-female relationship depravities, and the struggle of the urban youth trying to identify who exactly they are and why they exist. He can be compared to the likes of the great Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Outkast, Jay-z, and Nas. Yes people, only the legends because he is destined for that superlative amongst others. His sound can be classified as “Progressive, Radical, Soulful hip hop with a comedic twist”.
His songwriting ability has the undertones of a young Bob Dylan, and keys the listener’s soul to become an addict to his every word. It is simply amazing the way he conveys complex points in laymen terms to the masses of people who desperately desire his “scripture-like” compositions.
Big Treal’s musical range from Jay-Z, Little Brother, Outkast, The Geto Boys, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phil Collins. He has grown up listening to every type of music(except Country. No offense”). He has crafted his entire artistry around his influences and created himself into a “titan a amongst normal men writin”!! (The guy has so many quotable lines!! I probably could have wrote this bio with them)

The world will adore him and so will you!!

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Blue Star Ointment (limited Edition) - 2001
The Most Magnificent Problem - 2002
Charlotte Radio Won't Play Us - 2003
The Incredible DJ Polo & Boogie D presents Big Treal: SupaShell - 2004
Back from the Drawing Board - 2005
DeepRooted Productions Presents: Treal is Dead - 2005
DeepRooted Productions Presents: Big Treal, "The fam ain't eatin' cheddar biscuits!" - Jan. 2006
Confessions of a Dangerous Rhyme - March 2006

Set List

15 - 30 min. sets, comprising 4 - 6 songs with various show fillers and DJ breaks.