Bigtree Bonsai

Bigtree Bonsai


Bigtree Bonsai makes music you have to witness to understand. Pulling moves like following a blues type shuffle with a dancy-trance tune will definitely keep you on your toes as you enjoy crafty songwriting with a very high energy performance.


Bigtree Bonsai, hailing from Duluth Minnesota, is a new experimental project recently gaining notoriety for taking multiple genres of music and synthesizing them into one extremely captivating live performance. After a few years of performing as an acoustic duo and feeling a bit unfulfilled with the endeavor, long time friends Ben Berg (Bass) and Brandon Hagstrom (Guitar) decided to take their sound electric. With this decision made and not exactly knowing how to make the transition Zach Mullan (Guitar) who had been sitting in with the duo at shows for sometime now had the energy and presence necessary to assist and tastefully add depth to Hagstrom?s technical and intricate song writing. The only thing the trio was missing at this point was a compliment to the deep bass grooves provided by Berg. Then on a sunny afternoon as the boys were playing catch across the street from their Duluth residence, Colin Hacklander (Drums) after just moving into his new summer apartment down the street was on his way to purchase some bananas and milk and happened across the boys, and it just so happened, he was also looking to jam. The quartet?s friendships and music has been on an extremely fast paced ride ever since and their evolution has no signs of decay. This is as far as words will take us in this story. Your ears will explain the rest.


Debut Album "Bigtree Bonsai" out Summer of 2009