Big Ugly Production

Big Ugly Production


Very intense, original songs with dynamic music and passionate vocals. The songs have a positive outlook. Heavy rock/metal with class.


Big Ugly Production formed in the spring of 2002. Together for eight solid years in bands beforehand were singer Ken Temple originally of New Jersey, drummer Travis Johnson, and bassist Kevin Jones, both Tennessee natives. The enthusiasm and desire to continue a life of music stayed alive in the hearts of these three as they searched for a guitarist to complete the group. They eventually found Mike Smith. Mike had just moved to the area from Michigan and definitely offered Ken, Travis and Kevin the style and passion that they had been searching for. After jamming with Mike for about two months, a new addition was made to Big Ugly Production. Mike’s nephew Christopher Hyzer moved to the area to join his uncle. While Christopher was excited to attend a few practices and see what this was all about, eventually the group put him to work, recognizing his own vocal talent. As it turned out, the addition of a second singer gave the guys just the thrust they needed. They continued to stay motivated and passionate about their music.

After more than three years of five artistically minded perspectives, Big Ugly Production has created songs with meaning and positive lyrics that reach deep within the hearts of others. They have just released their first full-length album entitled Conversations In Your Mind. This album combines dynamic music with passionate lyrics of lesson-learned experiences. The songs reflect the hearts and souls of all five members.


In Progress (EP) - 2002
Conversations In Your Mind (LP) - 2005

Set List

Sets usually depend on what slot the venue gives us. Sets from 45 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes.

Circling the Drain
Liquid Idiot
Hope Springs Eternal
My Passion
Agents of Change
Abort Mission
The Final Shove
The Faceless Weight
Stuck With Envy
HIStory in the Making
To Catch A Fly
Pins and Needles