Big Walker and The New Souls
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Big Walker and The New Souls

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | INDIE
Band Blues Folk


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"CD Review"

A curious recording, this; the credits list eight of the disc's tracks as re-releases from what I presume was Derrick 'Big' Walker's debut, "Dream Walking." Yet to me it's the tracks listed as 'bonuses' that work the best.

Take the opener, "Dream Walking." No, it wasn't on the original release of the same name; here it's a harp-fuelled instrumental with an irresistible backbeat. "If I Had One Wish," another track seeing the light of day for the first time, continues with superior harp and showcases Derrick's fine voice, not far from Keb Mo territory.

But then we get to the tracks from the original release of "Dream Walking." "Open Book" is simply a lame tune, not helped at all by a tinny piano. "I Knew The First Time" fares much better, guest Zora Young's impassioned vocals lending authenticity to what might otherwise be an overly cluttered arrangement. "I Need My Prescription," an uptempo soul tune with driving horns, features fine, raspy-buttery vocals by Keith Done. The rest of the pre-released tracks follow suit, slow blues and boogies alternating with uptempo, urban offerings, most with contemporary lyrics that show Derrick's concerned with social issues.

The last six tracks are previously unreleased, but judging from the personnel it seems safe to assume they come from the same sessions. It also seems reasonably safe to assume the disc was cut in Europe, given the predominance of names like Henrik, Stefan, and Ole in the credits. (While they may not come with much of a recognition factor, all acquit themselves well)). Best of the bunch is the catchy "Little Elijah Jane," seemingly steam-powered by D. Walker's harp. Close, too, is "Boogie Woogie Nighthawk," with just as much energy and a thick, raunchy sound. "Black Ice" sounds like vintage Muddy Waters with contemporary touches; the vocal resemblance is uncanny in places, making one wonder why 'Big' would feel compelled to share those duties.

"Dream Walking Part II" adds lyrics to a reprise of the opening instrumental; it's a great tune, unquestionably the disc's highlight. Things come to a close with guest Eric Bibb and D. Walker's duet, a folky-sounding "Where Shall I Be," that marries the blues to melody to good effect. I can't begin to speculate on why some of these tracks were issued and not others; again, those appearing for the first time are easily the equal of the others. Which only serves to make this package all the more valuable.

A few minor quibbles aside, this is a fine outing. - Blues on Stage


If you had a CD by every musician that DERRICK 'BIG' WALKER has been associated with you'd have quite an impressive blues music collection. The names that appear on his bio page make you think you are reading an encyclopedia of the blues. He has played with LUTHER TUCKER, ALBERT COLLINS, EDDIE RAY, LOWELL FULSOM, BIG MAMA THORNTON, JIMMY MCKRACKLIN, SONNY RHODES, PERCY MAYFIELD, JIMMY DAWKINS, ZORA YOUNG, MIKE BLOOMFIELD and many others. Many years after having taken saxophone lessons from NOEL JUKES and BOBBY FORTE (who were JIMMY WITHERSPOON and B. B. KINGS sax players), and harmonica lessons from the great PAUL BUTTERFIELD, BIG WALKER himself now teaches music in Sweden.

On his new CD 'STILL DREAM WALKING', BIG WALKER not only wrote most of the songs, but he plays the harmonica, the saxophone and sings most of the vocals, and the outcome is simply magnificent. It is quite obvious that he absorbed much of the talent that he surrounded himself with earlier in his career.

The opening cut on the CD - 'DREAM WALKING' immediately had me listening closely as I distinctly and pleasantly noticed a MUDDY WATERS resemblance. This influence continued right into the next track, 'IF I HAD ONE WISH', and appears on several other cuts throughout the CD.

Singer ZORA YOUNG adds some serious, down home blues vocals on 'I KNEW THE FIRST TIME' and the humorously written 'I DON'T WANT TO SEE (WHAT I SEE ON MY TV)', and the Legendary JIMMY DAWKINS adds some searing guitar solos on 'I NEED MY PRESCRIPTION' and 'STARS IN THE SKY'. The environmentally friendly 'MY FAVORITE TREE' and the real bluesy ballad 'I'M GOING TO WRITE A LETTER' are two more favorites on this CD.

I highly recommend this cd, however, at this time I do not know if 'STILL DREAM WALKING' will be released in the States -


CD.Big Walker Dream Walking 1999
CD.Still Dream Walking 2002
Root Walking 2012
Radio air play mostly in Europe



Derrick Roy Michael Walker born at Fort Sill Lawton Oklahoma 1953.

Sings, writes his own music plays saxophone and harmonica.

Extremely versatile, grounded in many styles of
American folk music, blues, country...

With and majestic stage presents a dark voice between Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix.

He plays the harmonica effortlessly in many different styles James Cotton, Sony Terry, Jr Wells, Charley McCoy but still very much himself...

Incredibly he plays Chicago style saxophone with a touch of King Curtis, Eddy Harris sometimes Clarence Clemons.

He says
...(unlike the blues cover band my songs are about my life and experiences that I've had. This music is my heritage not my hobby I take it very seriously).

Some Reviews about Mr. Walkers music

"Here`s a suprise-a blues CD with imaginative lyrics!"-Tim Shuller, (Living Blues)

"Succeeds in evoking the mood and feel of Chicago Blues golden age without trying to re-create old sounds.( Blues Revue)

"The lyrics are thoughtful and show concerns not often associated with blues singers" ( Juke Blues)

"It is quite obvious that he absorbed much of the talent that he surrounded himself with earlier in his career" (PETER BLEWZZMAN LAURO)
...superior harp and showcases Derrick's fine voice, not far from Keb Mo territory."(John Taylor Blues on Stage)

your a real Blues player

(Bruce Iglauer Alligator Records )

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