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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Peer reviews from Broadjam..."

Why Not Know...

"Nice stereo guitars, lovely feel in the playing, very warm and loose. Quite REM-esq. Very strong vocal sound. A catchy and engaging track with some intellegent mixing putting the band's strengths to the fore. A very impressive, organic sounding song...4/5"

"hey!!! this is nice!, great backing vocals and lyrics, also the guitar sounds are savey! the song is catchy and totally radio material. 5/5..."

Last Confession...

"Good Song.Powerfull lyrics. No real critisicsm. It stands really well as it is. Might be to political/religious for some, but the overall message is something I think everyone would agree with. Some closed minded types might turn it off after the first word "Jesus", but that would be their loss. Great song. Great singing voice. 5/5"

"Great voice, conveys the emotion of the song. The lyrics tell a moving story. 5/5..."

"Well written, well performed tune with a powerful message. Nice selection of instruments,tastefully played and balanced. Very listenable. I enjoyed this very much and played it several times...Good job! Take care and good luck. - J Paul Bolcar...4/5"
- Broadjam


Four - Acoustic mixes of four of Big Wave's songs.

Full electric album to follow later this year.



Big Wave win best Americana lyric and track of the day on Garageband, 20th May.

Mike Cullen has achieved great success as a writer for the theatre, winning numerous awards, seeing his plays staged all over the world, nominated as the Lloyds playwright of the year, watching one of his plays succeed in the west end of London.

(Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is completely up himself).

Mike has also had fantastic success as a television writer in the uk, writing everything from Hornblower to Touching Evil, Taggart to Primeval, seeing his series Donovan receive a Bafta nomination, working with numerous uk TV stars, from John Hannah to Robson Green, Douglas Henshall to Tom Conti.

(Not only is he up himself, he actually thinks he's already a celebrity. Sssh!).

But most of the time, Mike wakes up with another damn song in his head.

(Oh no, not another song!).

Cue the arrival of Malcolm McFarlane, one of Scotland's top jazz guitarists, who's played with a varied mix of bands, from Shak Attack, to Jamie Cullum.

(And himself, I bet)

Top that with Chris Fulton, a bassist of extraordinary ability who has earned his gigging stripes with various top Scottish rock bands, from Deliverance to V9.

(So he's finally found some mugs that'll let him stay for a while)

And finish this off with drummer Michael Foy. A genius on the skins, Mike has a dynamism and touch that could force John Bonham out of his grave.

(To give him a good kicking)

Put them together with a musical history ranging from Bowie to REM through Springsteen and the Stones and you'll find Big Wave, four musicians in their prime, on the brink of finally making it.

(To the bar)