Big Wave

Big Wave


Influences from REM to the Stones to Springsteen are shamelessly exploited to create something that's a bit like those mentioned, only different.


Big Wave win best Americana lyric and track of the day on Garageband, 20th May.

Mike Cullen has achieved great success as a writer for the theatre, winning numerous awards, seeing his plays staged all over the world, nominated as the Lloyds playwright of the year, watching one of his plays succeed in the west end of London.

(Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is completely up himself).

Mike has also had fantastic success as a television writer in the uk, writing everything from Hornblower to Touching Evil, Taggart to Primeval, seeing his series Donovan receive a Bafta nomination, working with numerous uk TV stars, from John Hannah to Robson Green, Douglas Henshall to Tom Conti.

(Not only is he up himself, he actually thinks he's already a celebrity. Sssh!).

But most of the time, Mike wakes up with another damn song in his head.

(Oh no, not another song!).

Cue the arrival of Malcolm McFarlane, one of Scotland's top jazz guitarists, who's played with a varied mix of bands, from Shak Attack, to Jamie Cullum.

(And himself, I bet)

Top that with Chris Fulton, a bassist of extraordinary ability who has earned his gigging stripes with various top Scottish rock bands, from Deliverance to V9.

(So he's finally found some mugs that'll let him stay for a while)

And finish this off with drummer Michael Foy. A genius on the skins, Mike has a dynamism and touch that could force John Bonham out of his grave.

(To give him a good kicking)

Put them together with a musical history ranging from Bowie to REM through Springsteen and the Stones and you'll find Big Wave, four musicians in their prime, on the brink of finally making it.

(To the bar)


Last Confession

Written By: Mike Cullen


Jesus, this is my last confession
I been fighting your holy war
Do I get my place in heaven?
Aint that what I've been killing for?

First town was small, all the men were gone
Well it didn't take long with a nepalm bomb
And the morning sun burned the tears from my face
I felt strong
Cos you were in my place

Jesus, this is my last confession etc

Next city was gone with disrespect and hate
Well I put down the bomb in a shopping arcade
And your love and grace took away my pain
I felt safe
Cos you were in my place

Jesus, this is my last confession etc

God blesses me with my life today
And all the people I'll kill are the only way
Into heaven, and a life renewed
Let me stay
I did it all for you, jesus, mohammed, I did it all for you

Why Not Know

Written By: Mike Cullen

Hot lined and feeling kinda meat stick
Come round the ceiling make you feel sick
Slip down to see me, I’m a side-show
True lips sync dripping with a rainbow
Hold tight this easy anti-pasto
Fan light come slicing up fellatio
Do you believe in sharing disco?
Say yes, what, don’t say what and not know
What’s to know?
What’s the fear in knowing?
It’s a finger touching
Just a finger touching
Why not know?
Why not know by doing?
It’s a tongue that’s tripping
Just a tongue that’s tripping
Why not, why not know?
Hog-tied and slightly analytic
You know the way to my arhythmitic
When stars collide, they do it too quick
Slow roll me baby in your aspic
Rose flambed on carravagio
Take time to fingerprint the halo
Brush me delight my little angel
Say yes, what, don’t say what and not know

Comin Home

Written By: Mike Cullen


Sniper fire coming from the TV screen
Got me down on my face
Aint getting up until the gun get’s seen
And I know the air is safe

Don’t wanna hear anything
Could make me dead
Don’t wanna go anywhere
In my head

I remember that time before I signed the form
You and me, we were okay
But when the kid’s got a wife
And his body’s still warm
There aint much left to say

Don’t wanna do anything
Make me feel that way
Don’t wanna do anything
Cept pray

Saw a dead man lying in Lincoln street
Nobody else could see
He got up in a hail of smoke and machine
And I saw that it was me

Don’t wanna see anything
Could make me scream
Don’t wanna go anywhere
In my dream

And the young man walked out of the night
No shoes on his feet
And I shot him dead through the camp-fire light
And his eyes still looked at me

Don’t wanna go anywhere
Where I can see
Don’t wanna even open up
My eyes
That’s where he’ll be

Well I hear you singing out on the stair
And I want to feel your skin
But there’s a stranger sitting in the corner there
Got to keep my eye on him

Don’t wanna come home tonight
Baby please
Don’t let me in
Don’t wanna come home tonight
Baby please
Don’t let me in

Rabid Girl

Written By: Mike Cullen


I took you to the wood, and laid you out in flowers
Understood the wood was jealous of your arms
And the many war wounds
That you fashioned into cellulite with your special powers
And that’s a charm, yeah you had me charmed

My Rabid Girl, I love you still
You had a mind, you took your fill
My Rabid Girl, I love you still
I got infected by your bite

I put you on my plate, surrounded you with olives
And you changed them into oranges
Held one between your thighs
And then you became the orange
Pickled flesh on toasted muffins
And I’ve never tasted anything so high


I took you in my arms
You bit me on the head and then I woke
And you were gone
And I was bleeding from the eyes
Which makes me see things in their different skins
The world’s just not the same
Because it’s red
Most of the time

CH X 2

Once Bitten, Forever Smitten
Once Bitten, Forever Written
I got infected by your bite

Dick Cheney

Written By: Mike Cullen

DICK CHEYNEY (hey, superdick)

I'm Dick Cheyney, here's my card
Oil's my trade, no matter what my flag says
Got me a down home business in old Iraq
Making fuck off money from a million mass graves
You know I care about the human heart
But I got to make a living for my old time cronies

Hey Hey
Well all that money make a gangster sick
Hey hey
Hey superdick.

I'm gonna be the president when George is gone
And then the shit's gonna hit the pipeline
Sell you off-cut carpet bombs, you give me my God Given Way of Life
I don't want you to get me wrong
I wouldn't hurt a fly, but I'd kill a fucking birthright


Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Richard Cheyney, the Vice president of the united states of America.

Used to work for Haliburton, the American oil giant, as Chief Exective Officer.

Who got the contract to maintain the Iraqi oil fields? You guessed it.

Number of dollars paid per year by Haliburton to Superdick, One Million.

Number of people killed or wounded in Iraq in a single year, two hundred thousand.

So for every person killed or wounded in Iraq, Dick Cheyney got paid 5 dollars


Jelly Bone

Written By: Mike Cullen


She took me home
Sat down fed me jelly bone
We talked in tongue
All night

I slip and fall
She put my gown on in the hall
Tattoo needle
On my eye

And I don’t want to die

I woke at dawn
And I can’t see the light no more
Only Drago in disguise

She honey sweet
Lick the rainbows from her feet
A goose gone laying egg gone blind

And we will multiply


No, I don’t want to die
When I see your loving eyes
Honey, won’t you turn down the light

We took the sun
Turned it down for everyone
Got people praying to the sky

We fed them stone
Wrapped around a jelly bone
And when they woke
They were surprised

Cos they don’t want to die


She took me home
Sat down fed me jelly bone
And all the wings were atrophied

Now I’m alone
Lick the rainbows from my phone
And all I know
Is I’m alive

Big Wave

Written By: Mike Cullen

Big Wave

Soft core in my board
There's a big wave crashing down on my shore
No plans in my hands
Writing someone else's name in the sand

I'm waiting for the big wave coming down
I'll just sit here catch the biggest wave

Free will stood still
I'm surfing on the edge of this pill
Back down, come round
Look at all these good intentions I found

I'm waiting on the big wave coming down
I'll just sit here catch the biggest wave coming down

In the middle of my dream
All my corners look clean
By the morning, everything
spills out

I hid it, I hid it
All over the place

Fast car to the sand bar
I never realised I'd get out this far
Free will stood still
Big Wave moving on in for the kill

I'm waiting for the big wave coming down
I'll just sit here catch the biggest wave coming down

All the things I should have seen
All the guys I could have been
Close their eyes
Because I've been
Found out

I hid it, I hid it
All over the place


Four - Acoustic mixes of four of Big Wave's songs.

Full electric album to follow later this year.

Set List

We can do two 45's, full electric, or one 45 acoustic.

No covers.

Typical set list for 45 minute set...

1. Why Not Know
2. Young Ghost
3. Big Wave
4. Ladycaine
5. Comin Home
6. Church of You
7. Friends Like Thes
8. Dick Cheney
9. Last Confession, full on electric.