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""Keeping it Real""

Many talk about "Keeping it Real," but few know how to walk the walk, much less talk the talk with conviction.  That is where No Love Records ( differ from the rest of the record labels claiming to do the same. 
        No Love Records artist, founder, and CEO, Big Wayne-O,  got his start, back in the day, beat boxing that evolved into an impressive freestyle, which led to writing in the lab. Now, with No Love Records, he's killing the mike, and aims to change your perspective on what is REAL in music, by attracting and then attacking your ears with unique flows delivered from a realistic point-of-view.  Along with brother Nate (aka Inferred )Wayne-O and No Love Records was born out of the frustration they found within the music industry in general, and an overall lack of respect for their individual talents. 
       "We want to send a message as well as entertain," boast Wayne-O.  With several performances, and multiple CDs and mixed tapes under their belt in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area, the label is poised to revive a sense of "realism" in a watered down, and at times disingenuous music scene. 
        Big Wayne-O steps up to the plate first with his first "mainstream" release entitled, The Chronicles of Big Wayne-O is in stores, and on line now! "Making the album was an easy task, due to the desire to get this project off of my chest," he explains.  Chronicles takes the listener on a  musical journey through some of the most challenging times in his life, as well as some of the most exciting and satisfying triumphs.  "I found inspiration from different music genres and artists such as:  Supertramp, Louis Armstrong, Devin the Dude, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and John Lennon."   Look  for other projects scheduled for release from the No Love rooster which includes:  Inferred (pronounced In-Fa-Red), Mister Tilt, J-Planet, King Nuke, Dret, Sena, and Fatha P.  

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The Chronicles of Wayne-O,

No Love Records 2009

Xtremelly Necessary,

No Love Records 2006


No Love Records 2004

Played on 89.3 EzEddieD’s

Played on Z92.3

Texas 3rd Coast,

G.T. Funk Camp Records 2000

Miss Understood,

Voodoo Records 1999

The Altwaba

Born life Entertainment 1999

Liquid, Solid, Gas,

Born life Entertainment 1998


Debuted on Positive Profiles 2004

Channel 27

To all the doubters

(single from Gametime)


(single from Gametime)


Palm Beach

Tom Cats


El Palomino



Big Daddy’s

Club Narobi

City Lights

Dallas Car Show

Summer Jam 04

Touch of Blues

Annie Mays

Club Access

The Green Room

Lizard Lounge

Liquid Lounge



Wayne has always been interested in music and always had a way with words. He had to grow up fast in a rough area of Michigan. Harvest Lane is his HOOD he reps it to this day, although he now lives in Texas, he bleeds Michigan. His interest in music started with Public Enemy, NWA, Kool G Rap, BDP, Gang Starr, Esham and more. This music empowered him and gave him a voice. He started free stylin’ and got involved with making music 18 years ago. He grew up listening to all genres of music which helped give him a sound like no other. He has multiple albums and as been featured on several mix tapes. He has two videos and has performed at clubs from Michigan to Texas. He has a fresh sound in the new age. He isn’t about flashy cars, jewelry and clothes. He raps about the things he’s seen and been through and the things he wants to achieve. He has an opinionated rhyme with a strong voice. His beats are original and have a flavor from all walks of life. Teamed with his brother Nathan (Sir Inferred) they started a label NO LOVE RECORDS (2001). They have struggled through learning the industry and trying to break out in a time where rap has been polluted. All he wants to do is make you bob your head and think about more than gum drops and tennis shoes.