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You would have to be a real jerk to not like our music. B-)


Bigwheel Electrosoul is a project created by djcheckone of futurejazzproject. The band is made up of members in the local community and is under the direction of djcheckone. The sound is half electronic half live and frequently uses some of Colorado’s top musicians, singers and MC’s. Some of the regular musicians you might expect to see out on the gig are Dominic Lalli, Jared Silo, Charlie Mertants, Mark Donavan, Venus Cruz, Dent and Garrett Sayers. At times Bigwheel has acted as a house band for national acts such as Bahamadia, Camplo, Eric Roberson, Phat Kat, etc. Each artist is very seasoned nationally/internationally and has shared stages with most of their idols and beyond.

Bigwheel stems from improvisation and becomes what it is. A song typically starts off with guidelines that come from the MPC or Ableton Live and, depending on the instrumentation, artists put their own unique stamp on the moment.

Guided ambiguous live music.


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Set List

Up to 3 hours' worth of Bigwheel Electrosoul.

Also, let us explain that video tab. It is not true at all. We do have video, and it can be found on YouTube and on our MySpace page, which is:

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p.s.s.: Have a great day.