Big With Seed

Big With Seed


Big With Seed is a unique ensemble that channels its creativity and various influences into a powerful and ceaseless music-making, joy producing, machine.



BWS drummer auditions have begun. We hope to announce a new member in the coming weeks. Piano/keyboard/organ players are still encouraged to contact the band via email at to set up an audition. Any drummers still interested in auditioning should contact the band immediately.

We're looking forward to seeing you all soon. Keep spreading the seed!


Big With Seed is a band with soul. Hailing from the Alle-Kiski Valley just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the band has spread its seed across the region over the past three years. BWS is a unique musical amalgam influenced by genres including rock, blues, funk, folk, reggae, and country. The strong and diverse influences have fused together in friendship to create an ensemble that channels its creativity into a powerful and ceaseless music-making, joy-producing, machine.

In 2006, Big With Seed entertained crowds in Pennsylvania and West Virginia weekly, performing heavily in the Pittsburgh region. The band joined the ranks of many great artists from all over the East Coast while performing in several regional festivals during the summer. Big With Seed's self-titled EP found its way into the hands of fans at nearly every show absolutely free of cost.

In 2005, Big With Seed's "Need to Be Freed" was featured on the Emerging Artists 2005 compilation produced and distributed by Hometown Records and Overthrow Records. Since then, the band has received airplay on 102.5 FM WDVE, 91.3 FM WYEP, and 91.9 FM WCAL out of Pittsburgh and on various internet radio stations.


Spoon Fred (Derek's Jam)

Written By: Adam Rossi

I awake to find no one around but me
I get up and walk with no plan in mind
I think to myself what it is and what shall be
If I search to discover and seek what I'm meant to find

Oh the streets are so empty and endless these days
Not a soul full of joy or grace in sight
I could present myself different if only I were careless
But I wish not to embarrass those I hold so tight

Where do I wander when all paths are crossed
Where do I trample to find what's been lost
There's a trail to righteousness and one to greed
And when I meet their crossroads I'll find what I need

Every face I encounter is blank like slate
No expression from hairline down to the chin
But, then again, no one here is ranked
Nobody loses, nobody wins

I met one man who was subjected to a life
Acted out the brand-name that he wore on his chest
Spoon-fed from the cradle never dealing with strife
The way he looked, he thought, made him beter than the best


All people trying to be all things at all times
Get lost in confusion about who they are
Not all poets rhyme all the time it's so sublime
And the deepest wounds leave no visible scars

So now I look back upon the road of truth and lies
Wondering if I should learn to live or live to learn
With arms akimbo I glance up towards the skies
I don't believe to understand but if I don't I might burn


Need to Be Freed

Written By: Adam Rossi

The morning light is bright I greet the new day
Today will bring more to my life than yesterday
Where the friends and family are but what else is out there
Sunny beaches, fast cars, pretty women, and good drinks they aren't so rare

Trying to make the most of what has been given to me
Each day trying to look at as much as I can possibly see
Lend out a helping hand when I can see that it's in need
Loosen the grip of this small-town bondage I need to be freed

Writing out the thoughts and the feelings that the people have penned up inside
Draw the pictures of happiness and loneliness we all have in our minds
Play for everyone a melody that each of us dances to when we're all alone
Embrace us all with outstretched arms treating each as if it were your own


Don't judge the masses by the leaders that they're forced to follow
Life's too short to do nothing but smile so I don't want to see you wallow
You're no better than anyone else so take the crown off your head
Don't wait to start until you realize that soon you might be dead


You're the devil in disguise I can see the horns peeking through your mask
I'm willing to help you out with anything you need only ask
I can read you like a book and baby you're fiction
We can go as high as you want you just got to pick the starting position



2004 - Big With Seed Demo
2006 - Big With Seed EP

Big With Seed has received airplay on:

102.5 WDVE (Pittsburgh, PA)
91.3 FM WYEP (Pittsburgh, PA)
91.9 FM WCAL (California, PA)

Set List

Big With Seed typically plays two 90 minute sets. Each set is driven by the band's unique original material and is often hinted and tinted with choice covers.

Recent setlists can be viewed and reviewed at the band's official website!