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Big Wiz

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The Source Magazine May 2005 By Michael "Ice Blue" Harris Wiz is the latest Joe to bring flames to the mic from the Windy City as he spits lyrical darts on cuts like "1 Life" and the shit-starting "We Ain't Callin' Nem People."


It all started in the L-town section on the Westside of Chicago. At 12-years-old, Big Wiz had a dream to create a record label and become a major force in the music industry.

In 1998, three label partners and Wiz, brainstormed ideas and created Eruption Records featuring Big Wiz.

Wiz takes his life lessons or experiences into the recording booth. Creating recordings that reflect the lives of average teenagers living in the inner city of Chicago.

Wiz strives to be the utmost talented rapper who creates realistic music. Wiz speaks of things that are within his reach. His music moves from club hits to street anthems.

Big Wiz has been busy hitting the studios recording tracks, doing live performances and networking with some of the best around Chicago. Wiz's dedication to become known for his skills can be heard in his rhymes. His goals are to be real to himself and make good music for the fans.


album due out in September '05…


Big Wiz "DatsWachugotNo"