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I'm a hip hop writer,producer & performer who makes music about the every day grinds of a semi normal life.I write music from experience and alot of people seem to relate to won't hear any bling bling rap here.


May 27, 1982 Eric Reilly a.k.a Big Worm was brought into this world, and up until now has been a pretty average guy with a anything but average talent. Worm writes, produces,and performs all his own material. Big Worm is an all around emcee, who has lived in the Grand Haven/Muskegon area his whole life. Eric is a High School graduate who's been seriously writing and performing for a couple years now. Worm has been involved in the local music scene, and performed a handful of local shows, and is ready to make a serious mark on hip hop. Eric has recorded a demo, and is putting the final touches on his full length LP.Worm says" I write all my music from experience, from the heart, I just write about what I know and people seem to relate to that."
Eric draws musical influence from all spectrums and genres of music from; Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs & Harmony& Outkast to classic rock like; Tom Petty, Dire Straits,
Lynryd Skynyrd, Elton John, AC/DC, Beach Boys to R&B like; Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, and Aaron Neville.
Big Worm enjoys all types of music." I love the feeling of musci, the passion, the melodies, the rhythm and all the hard work that goes into making these songs, I just flat out love music."



Written By: Big Worm (Eric Reilly)

I will climb my way to the top, tooth and nail
I was born to win, so I cannot fail
I understand the odds aren’t good
Bu t losing is a lesson I never understood
I can’t be contained so the pain that I feel
Will reach through the stereo, you can tell that it’s real
I got a son to feed, so I will lead by example
There’s a beast inside, this is only a sample
I’m focused, so get pissed if you must
I was born to bust, and I was born to cuss
This is me on the mic and me in real life
I’m not hiding the fact I got a son and a wife
I’m proud, say it loud, and hold me down now
I’m about to tell the people just how
I became a man, so hold my hand as we roll
Sit back and listen as the plan unfolds
This is the kind of soul that can’t be sold
How do you market a man that has broken the mold
Rapping because I got these stories to be told
Hope it offers some healing
Because I know how your feeling.

I got dreams…please don’t crush them
Dreams…please don’t rush them
I’ll take a little time, write a little rhyme
And through the dark clouds you sun
Will always shine
I got dreams…could you make them true
Dreams…bigger than me and you
I’ll take a little time, write a little rhyme
And through this storm,
Your son will be fine.

Verse 2
I got dreams, dreams that are bigger than rap
All the people that helped me, I want to give something back
It just happens to be in the form of tracks
Until I get on track and I can give more back
I don’t dream of fancy cars, or buying out bars
I want to grab your mind and see how far we can expand it
Some call me the brain bandit
I want to expand your horizons almost until you can’t stand it
And stand on the planet like a man who just planned it
I’d rather go out like a man than move on like a chump
Momma might have raised a fool
But she ain’t raised no punk
Even if I have to stay selling cd’s out of my trunk
I got morals and no chorals could ever change that
Stick to my guns, even if my funds are lacking
I’m never slacking, so you stick to macking
I’ll stay making tracks just to see what happens
I’ll hope for the best but I’m prepared for the worst
I can now write verses without ever cursing
But just because I say fhhh don’t make me any worse than
Behind the mic I’m just a regular person.



Like Martin Luther King, I also have a dream
When you see me on you screen
You don’t see black or white
You see the fact that I rap and the fact that I’m tight
It’s not all freestyles look how fast I can write
I will fight for my name and I will fight for change
It hasn’t been the same since they monopolized the game
They’re pimping out artist’s and they ain’t got no shame
I’m not in rap for the glory or fame
I work hard, and hope my family never has to
It’s funny get this money man and we ain’t balling
Shopping demo’s and hope they’ll be calling
If I’m fallen, I will rise back up
I will never give up, my dream is still living
110% I will always be giving
until my breathing stops or I see the top
pumping through my veins is the love for hip hop
I want to be remembered like Tupac
But not for gunshots, for intricate plots,
How to change the world and hope the violence stops
Just remember the man up stairs he will always watch.


The End

Written by: Big Worm ( Eric Reilly)
Performed by: Big Worm


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