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Big Zoe

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My name is Big Zoe, I am hip hop artist from South Louisiana. My music is like a journal, everything I put down in my music reflects something that has happened in my life. I am versatile, I can drop a love song, then right after that, drop a song the clubs would love.


In the Summer of 2003 I began my rap career. I was in a hip hop group called Savage Squad. From the Savage Squad, I branched off and decided to go solo.

Being a solo artist is totally different from being in a group. If the project is not a success, it's all on your back. I decided to go solo because I felt like I needed to touch on issues the guys in my group were affraid to address.

My daughter Aaliyah and my mother Agnus are my influences for my music. Those are the two ladies in my life that inspire my music the most. On my album "My Journal," I have a song dedicated to the people that helped me get to where I am at today, and I have a verse written just for them.

Since I've been involved music, I have met and worked with a few people I consider celebrities. I have worked with Atlantic Records recording artist Cupid, who recently set a Guiness Book of World Records with the largest line dance done at one time. The song I did with Cupid is titled "Gangsta Walk", and it is the first single off of my album. "Gangsta Walk" has been getting plays occasionally on HOT 107.9 in Lafayette, Louisiana. I have worked with UGK Records recording artist, Vicious. I have also worked with the legendary DJ Dolby Devious.


Savage Squad “The Fame” Oct. 2005

Big Zoe “My Journal” Sept. 2007

Set List

I perform all the songs off of my album (14 tracks) along with other songs I recorded over the years. My shows usually last about 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours. I like to talk to the crowd and get them involved with the performance.