Bihari Beach

Bihari Beach


Loud, fast, and catchy.


Formed in late 2011 in Waukegan, Illinois, Bihari Beach has become one of the most compelling and interesting music groups to come out of the Chicago music scene. Their music sounds strangely familiar, as if one were seeing the inception of bands such as Pavement or The Strokes as they laid out their demos--while at the same time putting out songs that sound like nothing else being played anywhere right now.

They have two EPs under their belt, 2012's 'Little Fort', and their most current release, 'Eurowanker.' The latter has been making a buzz in Chicago, and it is to no surprise as the group have relocated to the neighborhood of Humboldt Park in order to have their music reach a larger possible audience. The people are listening and the buzz is growing, it's only a matter of time till you see their name all over town.

- Maria Tejeda, band manager.


Little Fort
Released October 3rd, 2012.
Recorded at Swing State Studios in Lake Villa, Illinois.
Produced by Ian Meyer.

Released August 30th, 2013.
Recorded in Eric's bedroom while his parents were in Mexico.
Produced by Bihari Beach.