Bilderberg is a majestic blend of all that is good in the Industrial Rock sound: Raw, Pounding Drums; Big Heavy Guitars; Nasty Synths; In-Your-Face Vocals. Plus Beats and Hooks you can't help but hum to yourself days later.


Bilderberg began in late 2005 as an experiment in Industrial Rock. For years, it seemed like no one was taking the sound anywhere different. Weekend after weekend, we'd hear the same old songs at the club and the new ones cleared the floor. We were ready to revive a style and kick it up a notch.

What sets us apart is our song-writing and sound design work. We have a full package of great songs, great musicians and great sounds.

Our individual musical influences are pretty vast though we've chosen to maintain a focused approach to this band's main influences: Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly, Ministry and Thrill Kill Kult


First LP: Suspicion Breeds Confidence [2008]
Remix LP: Suspicion Breeds Remixes [2008]

We've had some radio play in Dallas and in San Antonio clubs.

Set List

Typical set list:

Soma [with extended intro]
Huddled Masses
Debt Machine
Two Heads of God [extended intro]

Typical covers:
I'm Afraid of Americans [David Bowie]
Symphony of Destruction [Megadeth]
Tin Omen [Skinny Puppy]