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The best kept secret in music


"Mr. Bilistic-You Ain't Ready"

Mr. Bilistic

You Ain't Ready

Instantly radio-worthy,You Ain’t Ready is just a notch above what you are hearing on the big urban stations. But there is a lot more to this former University of Kansas student than his sound. He forges dreams into opportunity. He’s sold 11,000 albums on the Internet and by word of mouth alone. His songs are brimming with an unrefined honesty.

Though You Ain’t Ready leaves plenty of room for improvement, the years that Bilistic has spent paying dues have given him incredible range. Despite this, I still found myself wishing for more than just the standard hip-hop themes — women, thugs and lyrical prowess.

He rhymes with the intensity of a man who already senses his own predestination for greatness. It’s evident on songs such as the battle track “Lyrix” that Bilistic is years ahead of his peers intellectually. He just has to work on being consistent. You Ain’t Ready sounds as if he’s settling into a new persona. If he continues on this path, though, the next couple of years will be full of artistic expansion.


Solid on wax and ferocious on stage, Bilistic is the man to invest in if you want to get in on the ground floor of another great Kansas hip-hop movement. He’s got a heart of gold. Give him long enough he may have a gold record as well.

— Cornelius Minor, host of “Voice Activated,”
- University Daily Kansan

"MTV Gives Local Rapper Big Chance"
- Wichita Eagle

"Hip Hop Goes Bilistic"

Mic Magazine


Double Or Nothing-(3rd nationwide album)
You Ain't Ready-(2nd nationwide album)
Oppressed No Longer-(1st nationwide album)
You Ain't Ready-(New album set to be released nationwide)
Brain Blocked-(underground album)
Punch Drunk-(underground album)
Mr. Bilistic Presents the Best of the Underground-(underground album)
Tri-State Clicc "Dead End Blues"-(underground album)
Tri-State Clicc "Passion & Rage"-(underground album)
Nightmares-(underground album)
The Change-(underground album)

Getting Some Airplay, and you can hear some songs off each album at


Feeling a bit camera shy


As a musician:

Scott “Mister Bilistic” Al-Tall stumbled into a music career as an independent artist in 1999 when he discovered the art of home-PC-recording. He was attending Kansas University (KU) and frequented an internet website called The website uses message boards to create an online community of rap music enthusiasts and aspiring hopefuls who exchange tips and ideas for the creation, recording, promotion, and even selling of rap music. As a regular visitor to the site, he began to acquire assistance from other aspiring rap musicians who would walk him through the process of using his own home computer to record and burn music. His first “recording studio” consisted of nothing more than an $8.00 PC microphone and Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge recording program. He met a fellow KU student named Mylin Brimm who was willing to provide sung vocals to Scott’s projects and the duo has been together ever since.

Mister Bilistic’s first homespun LP was called “Brain Blocked.” He had been equipped with a cheap computer microphone and a software program, but that proved to be insufficient once he tried to compete on the regional market. He wanted a proffessional product that would be taken seriously by the general public. “I knew nothing about multi tracks, or double ups, add libs, punch ins, nothing. I went to a studio and spit every song in one take, on one track, that’s it!” He successfully approached a local recording studio about an internship where he learned valuable lessons about audio engineering. This led to better quality music and renewed a chain of seven underground LP’s.

With the technical aspect of his recordings now solid, Mister Bilistic began to write what he hoped to be his “breakout album for the masses.” He teamed up with his old college friend Mylin Brimm and added a few other talented artists to his project. After 3 years of tenacious recording and refinement, “Opressed No Longer was born.

The project was met with public acceptance and regional success that is rare of a “newcomer” to the regional market. Using his now deep-rooted internet contacts combined with his live performances, promotional efforts, and his newly acquired management, Mister Bilistic’s “Oppressed No Longer” LP has sold more then 9,000 copies to date.

With the momentum of that albums success he has now completed the album “You Ain’t Ready” which in a 2 month period has already brought him huge success on radio stations throughout the U.S. & has enabled him to put on and sell out shows where HE is the headliner; some holding as many as 8,000 people. The album has not “officially” been released yet (as of 2-20-04) as he is still working on distribution for it, but there have been a couple hundred copies released & sold.

The Major-Label quality of his recorded work has earned Mister Bilistic immediate attention from event managers, radio station managers, and the general public. More Importantly, his LIVE performances have earned him credibility as a true entertainer. Not only can he pull-off the responsibilities associated with being a good studio musician, but he can do what many independent artists can’t…put proof in the pudding while live on stage.

As a man:

Scott “Mister Bilistic” Al-Tall was born in Irbid, Jordan and was brought to the U.S. at the age of 6 weeks old. His family was constantly moving from one residence to the next. “We lived in over 10 different states” Scott says. “Uncountable different cities, and was never in the same school for more then a year at a time.” Not being able to establish close ties with his peers because of his short periods of residence, Scott soon found solace in a pad of paper and an ink pen. “My poetry” he recalls. “It saved me from having no friends, it allowed me to get all of my feelings and emotions out.” The absence of an older brother or father to serve as a role model and his desire to experience belongingness within a peer group led to gang involvement. “…at the age of 15 I joined a gang. I devoted my life to that because finally I belonged to something. I was in and out of juvenile hall all the time, and by the time I was 16, I was adjudicated (as an adult) and sent to prison.”

In just a single year of gang affiliation, Scott found himself being a 16 year old inmate locked inside the confines of a maximum security prison. The experience opened his eyes and made him realize this is not where he wanted to spend his life. Upon being released from the prison system, he returned to high school and graduated and even finished 2 years of college and vowed to set his life straight.

Having a new straight and narrow path ahead of him, Scott returned to writing poetry which would later provide a foundation for lyric writing. He met his muse by the name of Rachael Savoy and they had a son; Damien Styles Al-Tall. The birth of his son and his commitment to making his family situation successful has inspired him to do whatever-it-takes to