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Bilistic is what you would get if you put TI, Murphy Lee, Tech 9, Haystak, Eminem, Outkast, Twista, and Krazy Bone all together as one super human emcee!



Bilistic has opened for almost every hip hop heavyweight to blow through the Midwest--Nelly, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Cypress Hill, Jagged Edge, Naughty by Nature, Ashante, Tech 9...the list goes on. He's headlined and attracted crowds as large as 10,000 people, in major market venues from Dallas to Denver; from Chicago to Miami and Las Vegas. He also performed at the MTVU 2006 Spring Break Celebration, hosted by DJ Legacy. (He is also featured on DJ Legacy's Heatwave Mixtapes, as well as the EP They Still Don't Love Me, where he joined forces with underground heavy hitters Bukshot, Bubba Sparxxx, Haystak, Gangsta Black, Brotha Lynch and more.) Aside from having sold over 20,000 copies of his self-released albums, Bilistic's music is in a constant state of download and has been embraced by program directors in a 4-state radius. Radio friendly tracks like "Why Do We Cry?" and "Stop Playing" were each KISS 104.7 FM's "most requested song" for over eight consecutive weeks!


Under the production umberella of his New Life Records label--and as a 25-year old MC with powerhouse writing and production skills--Bilistic has worked with countless Midwest area acts and discovered countless emerging trackmasters. He is also hands on when it comes to New Life's fledgling--but cutting edge--roster, most notably up-and-comers like Timez 2 and Komplx! A stickler for insuring that a project always reflects the artist's true persona and intentions, he recently projected himself into the psyche of 13-year old actor-turned-rapper, Dabier, writing the lyrics for several of the tunes on Dabier's debut
EP, including the breakout single, "Holla Yup".


"I'm a hip hop hippie/A soul from the 60s
Inside the body of an 80's baby!"

"Reinvented...not remixed," is how Bilistic describes his fusion of modern hip hop with iconic songs from the 60s and early 70s. Always a poet and a deep thinker; always in search of a new sound--he was inspired by the creativity, the idealism and, most of all, the great songs that prevailed during some of the most life-changing cultural and political movements in U.S. history. His drive to comingle influential music of the past with the most influential music of the present, gave birth to what he now calls
"Hippie Hop".


The man who was born Scott Al-Tall, to an American mother of Irish/German descent and a Jordanian father who split when Bilistic was six weeks old, has crammed a lot of living into his 25-years. One of four siblings, he lived a nomadic existence until age 15, when the
family finally put down roots in Wichita. Today Bilistic is a father, an artist and a creative force to be reckoned with throughout Kansas and the surrounding states. Before that he was a boxer and a University of Kansas student, and even before that he was a gang member and a maximum security prison survivor. (He was a teenager,
sentenced as an adult, for a robbery/high speed chase gone bad.) In fact, it was while doing time that he first began to write...mostly dark, depressing, even violent poetry.

"I'm just glad I got it over with when I was young and hard headed," is all he has to say about his incarceration. "I hate having to do dirt to survive, and having to do time for doing dirt, but if you don't like the cards you're dealt--get off your ass and reshuffle the


(Underground Albums)
Brain Blocked
Dead End Blues
Passion & Rage
Bilistic Presents Best of the underground
The Change
(Commercial Releases)
Oppressed No Longer
You Ain't Ready
Double Or Nothing
Bilistic Presents New Life Ryders
Talent Defender

Set List

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