This BILK is Radioactive and it’s radiating all over. Instrumental rock in Jagga Jazzist style or Trans Am playing drum’n’bass?!;organic broken beat base raising to a power with ‘70’s synth madness root extracted with Tortoise-like guitars. BILK gives new hope to rock music. It’s black BILK science!


BILK were formed in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1999. by high school friends Janko Novoselic, Tin Oberman, Miroslav Piskulic and Luka Vrbanic. After many experiments the unstable line-up got reduced to the steady and dedicated drums, bass, guitar&synth base.

By the end of 2005 Mr. Moonlee proposed them a record deal. BILK went to the legendary Kozmo Studio in Zagreb and recorded their debut album called "This BILK is Radioactive" which was released in March 2006 by Moonlee Records with Marko Pelaic as producer.

Their heuristic approach enabled them to produce a brilliant album featuring a sound unheard in this area before. The groove, coming out of their drums, bass, synthesizers and guitar is built from various music styles melted into a breakbeat mass of pure positive energy. You will get caught by the flow of melodies and beats, until you start nodding your head thinking "yes, this is it!"

In Autumn 2006 Janko, the drummer and one of the founders, decided to leave the band. Luckily, it didn't take long for Cipal to jump in and provide the funk BILK needs. Now, BILK is richer for one dalmatian chef who started his drum career back in 90's in a croatian cult band - Zidar Betonsky. A few years ago he moved to Zagreb and played in many croatian mainstream projects.

BILK live act wouldn't be complete without two members that give the powerfull and raw BILK music that special final audio-visual touch. Damir Babojelic as sound engineer and real-time producer and VJ guest artist creating new and exciting environments for trio on stage as well as the audience.

This BILK is Radioactive and after listening to it for a while - unable to stop dancing and shaking, moving and tapping you might feel cursed. Your muscles will ache like never before and there will be a big smile spread over your face. Nothing will ever be like it was before. You will be cursed. It's black BILK science! You have been warned!



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Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear


--sharp bends--


this BILK is radioactive (Moonlee Records)

Set List

current set list:
1 barbarella
2 baltazar
3 massive
4 beyonce
5 phantom
6 gone to txs
7 d step
8 herb
9 objects
10 terminator
11 beats and bits