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"True Professional."

I have to say Billa rocked the room like there were 10,000 people there; true professional. - Sean Duffy

"Watch out for Chicago's own Billa Camp in 2011"

"Watch out for Chicago's own Billa Camp in 2011, a hardworking, conscious rapper coming up fast from the underground."
- James Moore, - Independent Music Promotions - James Moore

"Billa Camp w/Treologic-Colabo"

Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 8 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7.5 of 10Treologic :: Colabo :: Treologic Entertainment
as reviewed by Susan 'susiQ' Kim
As a continuation from past musical efforts, Treologic comes back with a more developed, ripened sound in "Colabo." With the album tile in mind, Treologic attempts to describe the vast collaboration between the group and Chicago's finest musical talents as the join efforts are clearly present. Going beyond another album featuring their sole talents, Treologic introduces their ability to interact with other artists and by doing so, introduces a new sound. With extensive production across the board from names such as DJ Overflow, Hakeem Hunter, Billa Camp, K-Kruz, J-Rok, Laelo, and Doc Brown, mixed with an endless list of musicians, Treologic's "Colabo" is a cooperative effort at its best. With this in mind, Treologic aims for a different sound, somewhat straying away from their past works of "Than You Lenny" and "What's the Question" as Treologic keyboardist explains that "'Colabo' has a harder sound and more traditional hip hop production than their three previous releases."

The Chicago team of Treologic consists of MC Billa Camp, drummer J-Rok, turntablist DJ Savage, pianist and bassist Laelo, and bassist Willie D have worked for many years together in order to rise up in the realm of Midwest hip hop. Their jazz, rock, and hip hop influences are clearly heard within their music as they reinforce the importance of their Chicago roots. Sharing the stage with acclaimed hip hop artists such as Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, and Mr. Lif, Treologic has put Chicago on the map. The collaborative efforts on "Colabo" represents what Chicago is all about and how Treologic is able to bring forces together to simply make good music.

On the jazzy "Harlem Nights," Tanya Reed is featured with her soulful vocals as Treologic's Billa Camp drops lyrics about how Harlem used to be. Describing his family that used to live in Harlem in the '60s, Billa Camp runs through his various family members of his grandparents, father, mother, etc., and how they survived Harlem. With its modernized jazz beat with smooth keys and drums, envisioning the life in Harlem remains clear. In another poignant track, "Notes To My Child" features Chicago's soul singer, Devioso, as Billa Camp provides an introspective look into his feelings about his child. The electric guitar driven track heightens the mood as Billa Camp reads a letter to his child. This personal track provides insight into his feelings of uncertainty, apprehension, and hopefulness as he attempts to build a relationship with his new found son while attempting to not make mistakes that more neglectful fathers have made.

"Turn it Up" features one of Chicago's veteran female rappers, Ang13, as she lays it down on the chorus and unleashes fierce rhymes with Billa Camp about how this is just the beginning to their music. The chimes and hard bass throughout the track only enhance the aggressive rhymes from these two stellar emcees. The '70s funk track, "We Want It All," features rapper Wes Restless as he joins forces with Billa Camp as they show that anything and everything must be done to reach the top of their game. Throughout the track, flutes and drums mixed with a fluid vocals on the chorus bring a nostalgic feel and bring us back to where it once started. Also, B.B.L.A.C.K. makes a cameo appearance on "Starson" as he unleashes his reggae influenced lyrics on Treologic's jazzy beats of hard drums and keys.

Although "Colabo" focuses on the various collaborations with Chicago's premiere artists, Treologic re-introduces their own talents as artists as they release their own synergy within the group while reinforcing their classic jazz sounds. The light piano driven track of "Relax Your Mind" shows how his love in stuck in a superficial world as Billa Camp says, "relax your mind, let your conscience free, you're now riding to the sounds of the m-i-c." Although the track lacks because of overly repetitious rhyming, it still maintains a sense of realness and character as it explains many individuals who are caught up in a world of materialism. The Chicago based crew does not forget their roots or where they come from as they relive Chicago life in "In the Streets." In the hip hop community, it isn't a bona fide hip hop album if you don't represent your city and therefore, Treologic takes it to another level by describing the heart of Chicago, both good and bad. With the sounds of sirens blazing and cars racing by in the intro, Treologic shows:

"We riding through the town
Like the city is ours
We put it down for the Chi
This is one of a kind
Just another day in the hood...
With a key to the city
I open the door
For the Chi bring you with me
I gotta give you more, Treo
This the anthem that pumping the streets
For any city worldwide
If you love where you be
Just another day in the hood"

Treologic has reached new heights wit - Rap Reviews.Com

"Billa Camp w/Treologic-Colabo"

Containing only one MC, the engaging Billa Camp, Treologic hones in on a tight musical foundation unconstrained by formulaic samples. The live band allows for an evolution of moods and textures, while a manageable array of local producers and guest vocalists elevate the diversity. You've got hard-driving tracks such as "Run It Back," with its crunchy guitars and spooky, mesmerizing vocal hook by Tanya Reed, and "Starson," energized by B.B.L.A.C.K.'s reggae toasting and fierce beats from drummer JRoc the BeatPusha, the group's secret weapon. Others approach from a calmer angle, the soulfully nostalgic "Harlem Nights" (again with Reed), cocktail-hour jam "Relax Your Mind" and Gang Starr-suave "All I Need" tapping into Treologic's jazz-rap roots thanks to Laelo's nimble keys.

Throughout, Billa eschews political polemics while holding down a consistently thoughtful flow. His delivery is smooth yet authoritative in the tradition of Talib Kweli and Raekwon, turning out rapid-fire tongue twisters in "How It Goes Down" and countering the ethereal guitar noodling of "Notes to My Child" with an earthy exploration of his feelings for his son ("I was trippin'/Six months, now what a difference/I even got the little car seat for you to sit in"). Defying convention, the Malcolm X samples on "Somebody" transcend token alt-rap Afrocentrism in service of Billa's rhymes encouraging a focused self-concept, while the police sirens and "Just another day in the hood" chorus of "In the Streets" don't signal a gritty portrait of urban vice, but a love letter to the sights, sounds and even the varying weather of Chicago.

It's true that those who appreciate the diversity of The Roots and their live-ethos ilk will have no problem following Treologic's path, as "Colabo" doesn't sit still for very long. Still, in daring to venture beyond boho boom bap, this disc has something for anyone whose appreciation of hip-hop runs deeper than the hot new ringtone download - Daily Hearald

"JB TV Performance"

"One of the best acts I've had on the show! That's saying alot."



"Weird Science" Spring/Summer 2011

"Skate or Die" vol. 3.1 Spring/Summer 2010

"Skate or Die" vol. 2 "The Remix" - July 2009

"Skate or Die" vol. 2 - May 2009

"Skate or Die" vol. 1 - Feb. 2009

"COLABO" - 2008 Treologic 3rd full Length album- (air play on college & internet radio)

"Thank You, Lenny" - 2005 Treologic 2nd full length release on Cigol Records (air play on college & internet radio)

"The Mix Tape" -2004 Treologic,Cigol Records limited release Available for listening and purchase

"Whats the Question." - 2003 Treologic,Cigol Records Release



Who’s been Spot Lighted and Interviewed by Fuse Tv, Opened for N.E.R.D, Del the Funky Homosapien, Wiz Khalifa ,UGod, The Roots, The Beatnuts, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Won Disc Makers Independent Music World Series, Spot Lighted by JBTV (Chicago), and even been in Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push Video”, Billa Camp! Inspired by California Skate Culture, Hollywood, & the Record Business, Billa creates music based upon his lifestyle, apposed to musical genres. Born in New York, Billa was naturally influenced by Hip Hop culture and the artistic spirit of Harlem. Relocating to the South Side of Chicago in his early teens, proved to be beneficial, in the creation of his own style, mixing his East Coast influences with Chicago’s and the rest of the World’s. On his own, Billa dropped out of school to write, produce, and tour with his first band, “Treologic”. As a Solo Artist, Billa creates & performs from the same standpoint, with or without a band. In the tradition of Hip Hop & Skateboarding, Billa brings a freedom of expression you can ride to.

-Accolades, showcases and noteworthy performances:
2011 - Coors Light Search for the Coldest
"Midwest Winner"
2011 - Opening act for N.E.R.D
2011 - Opening act for Del The Funky Homosapien
2011 - Opening act for Psycho Les(The Beatnuts)
2011 - Fuse Interview Comcast On Demand
2010 - Music Video Featured on Fuse On Demand
2010 - Opening act for Wiz Khalifa & UGod
2010 - Headliner for JCole's 2nd book release "Athletes & Emcees"
2010 - "Round Here" is featured on &
2010 - “Treologic” & Heineken present the “Heineken Playlist Challenge”
2009 - "Treologic" Featured on JB TV
2009 - Featured on Detroit's "Riot Radio"
2009 -"Rutkus" Featured on the "Temple Of Hip Hop" Radio Station
2009 - Billa Camp w/Mandroid supporting act for DO OR DIE Chicago, IL
2009 - Headliner for RMP Book Release of Mudsharks.
2009 - Showcased artist for punk alternative rock band Mandroid.
2009 - Featured act of Floential Productions
2008 - "Colabo" is released, "Treologic's" 3rd full length album
2007 - Supporting act with Beatnuts in Colorado
2006 - Wakarusa Music Festival & Road to Wakarusa WINNER Chicago,IL
2005 - Discmakers Independant Music World Series WINNER
2005 - Midwest Music Summit Indy, IN 2006
Supporting Act with The Perceptionists Milwaukee and Madison, WI2006
Supporting Act with Mr. Liff and The Coup 2006
Supporting Act for Youngblood Brass Band Chicago 2006
Supporting Act with Talib Kweli Champaign, IL 2005
Supporting Act with Brother Ali, Grinnell College 2005
Performer at 2005 Summercamp Music Festival
Performer at 2005 Thirsty Melon Six Flags Music Festival
Showcase Artst at 2005 Millenium Music Conference
Chicago MOBfest showcase artist 2004 & 2005
Chicago Tribune/ Red Eye Best Band Finalist 2004
Finalst in Emergenza Regional Finalist and North American CD Compilation Artist Chicago, IL 2004
Showcase Artist in Midwest Music Summit and CD Compilation Artist Indianapolis, IN 2004
Featured Artists in Winter Music Conference Miami, FL 2004
Finalist in Indie-Week Music Festival Toronto, ON 2004
Milwaukee Summerfest Emerging Artist Stage Performer 2004
Indianapolis Music Conference, Showcase Artist 2004