Bill And Murray

Bill And Murray


The musical duo "Bill and Murray" composed of David Blau and Stella Gotshtein leads the listener to the magical realms of alternative pop while leaving him no choice but moving his body to the beat and his soul to the lyrics and melody.


After a few years of touring the U.S and Europe with previous bands, David Blau and Stella Gotshtein are now unite for their first ever tour as Bill and Murray!
The musical duo "Bill and Murray" - based in TLV, Israel - was founded in 2012 and soon stareted working on it's debut album. Now, While cooking the album, they tour around Israel and plan the European album release tour together with the 2 new members: Nimrod katzir - Synth and Ran Jacobovitz - Drums.


Something to fear

Written By: David Blau

When they said jump you just refused
when they turned to me I got confused
you would not wear the uniform
I was compelled to conform
what can I say, I was afraid
you just had faith in your way
I must confess, got me depressed
all of my failure, all your success

now my eardrums can hear
that the war drums are near
here something to fear
here comes something to fear

Rabbit hole

Written By: David Blau

Some times my mind gets so ahead of me
that I can hardly find the left and right of me
but oh oh oh maybe time will tell
but I guess I'm doing well

I came across a face I couldn't recognize
still after all this time seems I could sympathize
but oh oh oh maybe time will tell
but I guess I'm doing well

stepped into the rabbit hole
just to see where the tunnel goes
but I guess I'm doing well

Then you came

Written By: David Blau

You know I heard about that world you're living in
you know I used to live there too
there was a sound, a certain ambiance
It's very easy to fall in love with it
It's very easy to think It loves you too

but you should remember last December
there was rain on my window pane
there was pain In my heart
and pain In my brain
when all of my hopes went up In flames
but then you came