Bill Bold And The Dirty Hands
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Bill Bold And The Dirty Hands

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Bill Bold And The Dirty Hands EP 2006

Don't Clone No Baby
In The Fallout Shelter
The New Chic
Embittered Thumbs


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bill Bold & The Dirty Hands are a 4-piece UK band that have been gigging around London for 2 years.

Bill Bold the songwriter and leader of the band lists the sounds of Luke Haines, Roxy Music and Frank Black as his favourites but those familiar with his music will know that these are influences that are never worn on the sleeve but are refracted into something quite different and with a strong aesthetic of its own.

Bold states "ever since being a kid I've had a continued fascination with the popular culture of 1950s America - whether it be the pin-ups, the utopian dreams of technological transformation, the wise-cracking private detectives, the B-Movies or the Cold War paranoia - all of these things have made an indelible mark on the history of the West and I've tried to capture some of that in my songs."

And of all of these themes the one that runs through almost every song is that of 'culpability'. "The Dirty Hands' was a name that I picked because it captured that essence of the guilt/bad faith that we experience in modern society and in our search for the good life. I often ask myself, did God really die or did he just move into light entertainment - if he's not dead, may I finish him off once and for all?"

An online review of one of the band's early gigs says:

"The lyrics are poetic and edgy - sometimes dark and sometimes mischievious. The set played like an album, a fine blend of punchy, plucky numbers and slower, more delicate songs. Whether fast or slow, melodic or riotous many of the songs portrayed a hint of dystopia. It is a world where "funerals are such a drag"; where "it's snowing in this shocking lullaby" where "the girl's look so lunar when they all look the same"...The songs are catchy without being poppy, dark without a hint of the gothic, elegant and sublime." (M. Shanahan).