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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | MAJOR

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | MAJOR
Band Blues Rock


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New album review for Bill Bourne's latest CD - Free Radio Dance Band.

Canadian Juno winner Bill Bourne’s much anticipated new album Free Radio Dance Band opens with his own signature Folk/Blues sound laced with an electric and youthful Rock & Roll infusion. As he is known to do Bill has collaborated with some remarkably talented musician friends for this new album resulting in a successful synergy of sound.

The group is an unprecedented junction between aptly skilled up & coming guitarists Moses Gregg and Pat Bourne, and the amazing musical talents of drummer Miguel Ferrer, guitar master Pa Joe, and of course the incomparable Bill Bourne.

Free Radio Dance Band delivers a great range of listening pleasure; joyful in Forever Truly Bound, soulful and sensual with On The Sunny Side, and adding a definite breath of danceable movement into old Folk favourites Columbus Stockade Blues and Maggie’s Farm.

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Bill Bourne fans will not be disappointed here, his new sound delivers the unmistakable voice that fans have come to expect. His masculine vocals, effortless harmonica, and masterful guitar are heard throughout and new cuts Deep Dark Woods, Home, Who’s Knockin’, and Daily Bread are sure to become fast favourites.

Bill Bourne’s musically innovative approach transcends boundaries on this CD. Free Radio Dance Band combines five musicians from vastly diverse musical genres’ into a striking melting pot of talent. Pa Joe (Peter Oppong) of African Guitar Summit, Chilean drummer Miguel Ferrer, Mosses Greg of country group The Swifty’s, Pat Bourne (Bill’s son) of hard rock band The Get Down, all bring individual flavour and add to the unmistakable and time tested sound of the Bill Bourne Folk/Blues experience heard on his new album Free Radio Dance Band.

A few other highly recommended albums by Bill Bourne;

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Free Radio Dance Band was recorded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where Bill resides when he is not busy touring. Bill's tour schudule and booking information can be found on his web site at

In addition to this great new album a video which documents the making of the album is available. The short documentary style film is called For The Record - featuring Bill Bourne, it includes intimate recording room footage of Bill and the band as well as a personal interveiw between Bill Bourne and film director Ben Babchishin of Hired Gun Production. - Christine Faulk

Departing from the worldly folk influences of his past work, venerable Edmonton musician Bill Bourne's latest album, free radio dance Band is a foray into the electric blues, its licks skipping hot out of the speakers with an impressive urgency. For any other musician, such a departure might be a well-planned-out decision, a deliberate effort to stretch into fields not yet entered, but for Bourne it was, as he puts it, largely an accident, the doings of the muse whose fickleness is a fact of life.

"Songs: how do they come along? That's a big mystery for me," he says, mentioning that free radio dance Band came together in the studio with somewhat little rehearsal. "I've sat for two weeks writing and writing and writing and have nothing, and sometimes in 10 minutes have a song suddenly, 'boom!' it's there. I don't know where it comes from. Don't ask me about songwriting, I really don't know that much about it."

After further probing, Bourne admits that working with his son Pat might have had something to do with the harder edge displayed on free radio dance Band. Known for his work in rock 'n' roll outfits like Les Tabernacles and the Get Down, this was the first time Pat Bourne and his father had ever collaborated together musically.

"We were living together last fall and over the winter a bit and so once in a while we got to jam a bit and that had something to do with the songs I brought forward," explains the elder Bourne. "Pat's used to playing in a certain context, a blues-rock thing, so that had something to do with the songs that we recorded. There were some other tunes that were more world-beat influenced that just didn't seem to work out so well and it didn't seem to make any sense to bring them into the picture. So that context that Pat brought to the picture had a big influence on what was actually recorded."

Another curious aspect of the recording process was the fact that it was documented for a film entitled For the Record, which came out this past summer. The experience of having his every move recorded while trying to make this latest album was one that Bourne explains was a bit uncomfortable; the hot lights and the cramped space meant that most of the album was recorded after the film crew went home for the day.

"What happened was they got footage of one song that made it to the album, but they were in there everyday for six hours, but we would record all the takes after they left every day," says Bourne. "It was too distracting. I think part of that, and it was nobody's fault, but I think the studio was too small for that kind of scenario. If you're gonna do that you need a big space so they can do their camera thing and you don't even notice it, but in this case the studio just wasn't big enough and they put the lights up and we proceeded to just cook." V
- Vue Weekly - Edmonton


2010 - Bill Bourne, free radio dance Band
2009 - Bop Ensemble, Between Trains
2007 - Bill Bourne, Boon Tang (Western Canada Music Awards Nomination)
2005 - Eivor Palsdottir - eivor (Danish Music Awards Winner)
2004 - Tri-Continental, Drifting
2003 - Tri-Continental, Let's Play
2002 - Bill Bourne, Voodoo King (Juno Nomination)
2001 - Tri-Continental, Live
2001 - The Carol Project
2000 - Tri-Continental, Tri-Continental (Juno Award)
1998 - Bill Bourne, Sally's Dream (Juno Nomination)
1997 - Bill Bourne, Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician
1997 - Bourne, Schuld, Stammer, No Special Rider (Juno Nomination)
1996 - Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson, Victory Train (Juno Nomination)
1994 - Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson, Dear Madonna
1992 - Various Artists, Saturday Night Blues (Juno Award)
1992 - Bourne & MacLeod, Moonlight Dancer (Juno Nomination)
1990 - Bourne & MacLeod, Dance and Celebrate (Juno Award)
1983 - The Tannahill Weavers, Passage
1981 - Bill Bourne, Bill Bourne



bill bourne - bio 2011

"Bourne flows with this almost indescribable soul infused with a lonesome strain of blues... This man was put on this earth to play music." - Crossroads Magazine - Tuscon, AZ

A multiple Canadian Juno Award winner, Bill has received international acclaim for his recordings and live performances.
An international touring artist, life on the road is reflected in Bill's music - powerful rhythms and soulful songs, steeped in World Beat, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Flamenco, Funk, Poetry and more.

Bill Bourne was raised in a musical family in rural Alberta. When he was 2 years old, he was known to sleep behind the piano at country dances. His parents played dance music in community halls in beautiful farming country. The love of nature and of music and of people gathering for celebration has been with him for his whole life.

Bill Bourne began his music career in 1975. In 1982 his first album was released by Radio Canada International. He has toured and recorded solo - and with Scotland's Tannahill Weavers, Bourne & Macleod, Shannon Johnson, Tri-Continental, Eivor Palsdottir (Faroe Islands), Bop Ensemble and The free radio dance Band.

Bill loves to collaborate with friends (musicians). In 2010 Bill recorded his latest CD, 'free radio dance Band' with his son, Pat Bourne (guitar - The Get Down), Pa Joe (guitar - African Guitar Summit), Moses Gregg (bass - The Swiftys) and Miguel Ferrer (drums).

His next most recent collaboration is with Jasmine Ohlhauser and Wyckham Porteous in the band 'bop ensemble'. Bop ensemble's debut recording, 'Between Trains' (2009) has charted on Americana Radio formats across Europe and North America.
Previous to bop ensemble, Bill collaborated with Eivør Pálsdóttir from the Faroe Islands. He produced and performed on Eivør's third solo CD, 'eivør'. The recording won double at the Danish Music Awards Folk in 2006. Other collaborations: with Alan MacLeod, Shannon Johnson, Hans Staymer and Andreas Schuld, and Lester Quitzau & Madagascar Slim, as well as his solo projects, have all attained award status in Canada.

- The Beach House Arts Co-op