Bill Bungeroth

Bill Bungeroth


Bill Bungeroth songs favor haunting tunings and confessional lyrics. He music is undoubtedly Midwestern. Shows at The Hideout, Chicago and Knitting Factory, New York rank among his favorite performances thus far. He also fronts the Chicago band City Electric.


Nick Drake, John Fahey, Jeff Tweedy, Gillian Welch


Smithsonia (self released) - 2004

Set List

45 Minutes - 120 minutes of Original Music

Ashlee Simpson Lullaby
Dance Hall Stars
Song by Patty Hearst
Moonlite Serenade
Salmonella Lovers
Good Samaritan (Bird by Bird)
The Lonliness Of Long Distance
Missing Things
Now, I'm back

Commonly played Covers
From The Morning (N. Drake)
Winter Lady (L. Cohen)
Don't Think Twice (It' Alright) (B. Dylan)