Bill Burke

Bill Burke


Warr guitarist Bill Burke stuns audiences by double-handedly delivering guitar and bass parts simultaneously. His music “conjures cinematic compositions which transfix and transport the listener”.


Bill is a unique and accessible soloist. His music grooves the body and delights the mind. Each of his compositions lives and breathes in its own way. Each has its own color and shape. Each produces a distinct pleasurable effect upon the listener.

His vehicle of expression is the 8-string touch guitar - an instrument which allows the soloist to play multiple part compositions. Essentially, Bill's left hand plays bass and his right hand guitar. Add a looper to the fun and Bill can seamlessly sample his grooves on the fly to add extra layers of dimension and solos.

Bill's musical development began at age five when he was introduced to the piano.
At age seven he switched to violin after being mesmerized by a soloist performing Hungarian folk tunes. By thirteen he picked up the bass and was performing with professional R&B groups within a year. He continued to develop on bass, playing in Jazz bands while experimenting with two hand tapping ala Michael Manring/Michael Hedges. He worked out of PA, FL, DC and NYC as a session and touring player and while in NYC began to study sitar. Finally, at the urging of his wife Jennifer, he purchased an 8-string Warr guitar - the instrument which allows Bill to fulfill the demands of his musical explorations.

Bill has toured extensively across the US, has composed and produced two CDs with a third on the way and has recorded for numerous artists. He is constantly working to promote his music to an ever-growing audience of devotees.


1. "The Sights" (2004). 15 minute live video. See how Bill does it. See clips on Bill's site ( Also featured on Warr guitars site (

2. "Where'd Our Ball Go?"
Bill Burke
Built upon Bill Burke's intriguing two-handed 8-string touch guitar compositions, "Where'd Our Ball Go?" is a contemporary classical/world fusion mix featuring Warr guitar, with thrilling violin solos that flow amidst the sounds of cello, upright bass, viola, udu drum, tabla drums and flute. This is a truly outstanding project that will reveal new discoveries with each listen. Released in 5/2003.

3. "States of Being"
Burke, Eighmy and Mazzella. Featured on NYC NPR.
"States of Being" is a conceptual instrumental work that features the unique two-handed techniques of bassist Bill Burke and renowned guitar virtuoso Anthony Mazzella. Drummer Everett Eighmy rounds off the trio with his unparalleled abilities on V-Drums. Released in 9/2000.

4. Bill has performed on numerous CDs for other Artists.

Set List

Bill primarily offers original music in the jam/jazz genre. Covers include "Linus and Lucy" (Peanuts theme), Charlie Hunter's version of "Come As You Are", "All Blues", "Listen Here". Bill recently performed for over 5 hours to a captivated audience at The Baltimore Visionary Art Museum.