Bill Dickson & MTT

Bill Dickson & MTT

 Catonsville, Maryland, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Bill Dickson is recognized as a true folk rock artist. Music Monthly Magazine writes, “Wonderfully crafted lyrics, strong melody lines and vocals that are diamond hard. The celebration here is Life itself. Listeners will be inspired”


Bill Dickson & MTT (Musical Think Tank) is a folk-pop/rock band performing and recording Bill Dickson's original music that speaks to the heart of concerns for the welfare of the individual and society.

A five piece band featuring Mike Gottleib on keyboards, Steve Kilgallon/Jason Butcher on drums, percussion and back-up vocals, Brian Jarboe on lead guitar, Hunter Schaffer on bass and Bill Dickson on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

Singer/songwriter Bill Dickson released his first album with writing and performing partner Bob Grahe in 1992. The album, self-titled Dickson & Grahe,

features acoustic guitar,clean harmonies raw guitar lines. This is an eclectic collection of styles and includes some of Bill’s earliest songs.

In 1996, Bill’s second independent CD was released. Like Dickson & Grahe, "In Time" is acoustic based, but includes featured instruments from trumpet to piano,

"In Time" is acoustic based, but includes featured instruments from trumpet to piano, heavy percussion, four piece harmonies as well as a driving lead guitar.

In 1998, Bill recorded "In Our World" under the Oarfin Records label. This album is similar to Bill’s first release, but is more consistent in style.

Once again, harmonies, lyrics and the lead guitar are in the forefront.

In March 2001. Bill released "Embracing The Light". This album is dedicated to raising awareness for the issues concerning the homelessness and needy.

All proceeds from this CD go to Think About Them, Inc. Think About Them is a non-profit corporation founded by Bill to assist the homeless and needy.

March of 2009, Bill Dickson & MTT have released Gameology (part 1)

Gameology part 1 is 6 song CD. The vigor and excitement of youth is captured in Gameology. A place where dreams come alive and childhood imagination lives on.

Currently Bill Dickson and MTT are set to release their Univox CD in the early fall of 2010

*from Northern Virginia Rhythm music reviews Feb. '93

**from Music Monthly review by Tim Nelson Regional Reviews Nov. ‘98


Fossils (What Does It Matter?)

Written By: Wm. Dickson

(What Does It Matter?)
©1998 Wm. Dickson

Once upon a fairy tale, I was rich and you and me.
We tossed coins down the wishing well,
and out popped sunshine and living well.
Ohh ho am I dreaming?

I could spin yarns of gold into magic worlds unfold.
And you would love me right as rain. So unselfish, no disdain.
The reason, an economic high.

What does it matter. You are you and I am I.
But I’d feel better. More validated tell me why.

Mirror’s looking back at me. I’m so thin and you think you’re fat.
Someone took their life tonight over pressures of living right.
Seems weird, we’re so insecure.


Who cares? Look at these teeth. Been here a million years.
Time flows like the tide and I know, I can’t hide.