Bill Ellingboe

Bill Ellingboe


Smart songwriter, strong voice, big heart, bad liver. Songs of life, bad love, regret, and humor.


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You're Not There

Written By: Bill Ellingboe

Committing sin at the Holiday Inn
Was better on amphetamines
When the walls would melt
And all I felt was wired
They said the snow would fall again
So I just kept committing sin
'Til the snow did melt
And all I felt was tired

Hotel rooms are always far away from home
The windows could be walls for all I care
But I don't care, no I don't care
You're not there

The mercury is dipping down
My skin peels away like a car through town
Like it did last night
Before the fight began
You'd think that a perfect stranger
Would be more wary of the danger
In the dark of night
When fools will fight for friends

Holding tanks are always far away from home
This block could be my bed for all I care
But I don't care, no I don't care
You're not there

The bourbon goes down way too easy
My friends all say that I'm too sleazy
But that don't stop
No, it couldn't drop me now
'Cause I can't even walk this street
Without forgetting where my feet
Give up and stop
And I drop to the ground

Hospitals are always far away from home
The nurses could be naked for all I care
But I don't care, no I don't care
You're not there

I Believe In The Devil

Written By: Bill Ellingboe

Before you go, my friend, let me you tell 'bout a life
I'll buy you one more whiskey, if you'll stay right here a while
It won't take too long, and you'll be worse off for the wear
But I can tell you won't turn down a drink, I don't think that you'd dare

I was born in '22, in Langdon, North Dakota
My mama died in labor 'cause of me
Whenever pa got drunk he would remind me of this
In time I'd learn to laugh at him and blow a little kiss

When I turned ten a fire wiped out everything we had
I barely escaped with my sweet life
The rumors always swirled about my brother's wherabouts
I promised lifelong silence at the edge of a Bowie knife

I believe in the devil but I don't believe in God
I believe in the devil but I don't believe in God
I've thought about the wager, thought about the odds
Still I believe in the devil, but I don't believe in God

In World War II at Omaha I killed twenty-seven men
The last one's legs were severed at the knee
He thanked me for the favor, at least that's what I think he said
I sold my medals when I got home for a hooker and a bed

I've had my share of good times, I don't want you to think
That life has been so hard for a prince like me
But it all seems like payment for the services I render
To the one who has protected me from all the old pretenders

I've married and divorced twice, and fathered two or three kids
One's named for me, at least he used to be
He changed it when he found out just what kind of man I am
As if only words could save his sorry soul from being damned


So here I am past eighty years with one story to tell
But I think it is a good one, you're still here
And now my body's failin' me, I'm walkin' with a cane
But the devil's drink has graciously spared my wicked brain

So thank me for your final round, it's been well worth your time
You may not know it now but soon enough
You'll be screamin' from the bottom of your darkened hole
Ready to cut your daughter's throat to save your very soul