Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott


Bill Elliott has a contemporary sound that blends country with pop. The love songs Bill writes are of such caliber as Darius Rucker and John Mayer. He is on his way to the top of both country and pop charts.


Singer/songwriter Bill Elliott has been a lot of things in his lifetime; soldier, firefighter, waiter, cab driver, model and even a stripper at a bachelorette party. But, take a listen to his words and his smooth sounds and you will know where he belongs! Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma Bill knew from an early age that music was his calling. He graduated from Wichita Southeast High School and attended numerous college and universities in search of the perfect career. He originally intended to play soccer professionally but was side-lined by an injury forcing him to give up that dream. Not knowing where to go next he joined the Army and served his country for 4 years. Afterwards, Bill spent 7 years saving lives and fighting fires before deciding to come back to his one true love, music. He is currently a very dedicated guitar instructor at the Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth, KS. He has been performing professionally for the past 3 years and has impressed the crowds at Marfield's, High Noon Saloon, Ross's 20th Street Bar & Grill, Dusty Roads BBQ and the The Daily Dose just to name a few. His music has an acoustic rock feel infused with some country and blues undertones that make it unique and hard to resist. Bill describes his music as, “ kinda Brad Paisley meets Jack Johnson with a little Darius Rucker thrown in.” With his first studio album due out next year, Bill is finding his audience in the best way possible: through heartfelt, intensely personal music that can strike a chord with anyone. “Most of the songs are about relationships, both good and painful. There's a story and a girl behind each one,” Bill explains. The album and subsequent tour will be a musical testament to the trials and triumphs of life – his and everyone's.


Just Sayin

Written By: Bill Elliott

Woke up this morning alone.
Just like everyday since you've been gone.
Thinking how I missed the chance...
let you slip right through my hands.
Wishing I could do it over, again.

Seems like everything reminds me
of things I didn't do.
There's a lot of plans and promises,
I didn't follow through
Now you've found somebody new...
and don't need me like you used to.
But there's one thing I still need to do...

I'm just sayin' the words I didn't say...
I'm just sayin'...a lot of things have changed.
I'm just sayin'...I wish you would have stayed
To see the man that I am today.
I'm just sayin'...I'm just sayin'...

I made a list of things to do.
Yeah, I got that one from you.
Maybe it's not too late,
I know how you always talked of fate.
Our story was meant to be continued.

At the top of that list
is to never make you guess
the way I feel about you ever again.
And there'd be no doubt that I am your man

I'm just sayin' the words I didn't say
I'm just sayin'...a lot of things have changed
I'm just sayin'...I wish you would have stayed...
I'm just sayin'...I'm just sayin'...
I'm just sayin'...I'm just sayin'...

I'm so in love
To the bone in love
Head to toe in love...
With you.....

Come Home

Written By: Bill Elliott

It's amazing to me at times
just how slowly the minutes and hours slip by
since the last moment i was able to taste
your sweet kisses...
and feel your embrace.
Come home....

Would you come home?
I don't know what to do...
time stands still when it's me without you
Your the reason I hope, and why I can trust
Can't imagine a world, if there isn't an "us"
Come home...

Would you come home?

Sometimes I sit and stare at the clock
and at other times, I think my watched has stopped
cuz the seconds don't seem as fast anymore
since the walked out that door
come home...

This old house gets colder each night
I have to lay here without you by my side
I long for the day I can wake up and say...
"Good Morning" to I kiss your face.

Would you come home?

Beautiful Untouchable Thing

Written By: Bill Elliott

Do you ever get tired of the game?
Beautiful untouchable thing...
Pulling close, then pushing away...
Knowing when to pull on my strings.

Like a puppet without any say of when to go, or how long to stay
How long can this role playing last?
Do you ever sit, and think of the past?

Remember the moments that flew by so fast...
the people who came and went by
Not wanting to play your game, but wanting to try...
getting close to you to understand why....

Beautiful, untouchable thing
I hope someday you'll see
The love before you, and you'll let it hold you
Beautiful, untouchable thing

Why do you insist to clench tight your fists
Trying hard to control things that aren't yours to own
Was it a reaction, a psychological smell?
That you just couldn't embrace?
Why'd you run from that comfortable place?
What was it that made you afraid?

It breaks my heart knowing I could have been showing you what true love means
But I'm cutting the string, no longer being...
your puppet of unfulfilled dreams.

We Danced

Written By: Bill Elliott

It had been so long since I really felt free
Felt free enough to relax, and just be me
But then you came along and got me up on my feet
Out on the dance floor, to teach me to swing

I threw off all of my worries
I didn't care what they'd think
I'd never see them again anyway
It was just you and me...

And we danced...
Long into the night
We danced...
and held each other tight
We danced...
I got lost in your arms
We danced....we danced....we danced

I love the way you feel close in my arms
I love the way that you smell
I love the way you can look at me and smile
and tell me just how you feel.

You can look at me with your hands on your hips
And have that "come get me" grin
You draw me out of my chair and into your arms
Dancing and a'swayin' again...

I love the way you taste at the back of your neck
I love the way that you laugh
I love to hear you talk, and the sound of your voice
and feel my hands on your back

I wish the music would keep playin' on
You know I can't get enough
Your body close to mine, and your head on my chest
moving to the rhythms of love...

Discovering You

Written By: Bill Elliott

I'm just scratching the surface
So much left to explore
But just one taste, I'm addicted
Can't wait to see what's in store

Deep and uncharted, lovingly artful
so enticing to me
You draw me then push away,
Then say you want to stay...
Which one will you be?
I'm discovering you....

Kept at arm's length you finally let me come close to your heart
Full of passion and beauty
binding me right from the start

But it's like catching a beautiful butterfly
Just when you think it will land...
you reach out to grab ahold, and just then it seems to float
right out of your grasp...

I'm discovering you...

Lying next to you
feeling your heart beat through your chest into mine...
Talking about your dreams, and how you came to be
at this point of your life.

Just one glimpse of you, can break my heart in two
knowing you could be gone...
cherishing every day that i can truly say...
For this moment...
You are mine

I'm discovering you....

Where Would You Go

Written By: Bill Elliott

if I opened up the doorway to my soul...
Would it scare you?....
if I let you come on in, and see just where I've been...
Would it change you?...

There's so much inside I have taken pains to hide.
If I lift up the cover
that i have kept over
the shame and the pain of my life...
I need to know....
where would you go?

Would we stay together?
Make it through the stormy weather of the truth?
Would you help me to begin to be capable of love again with you?

I wish I could erase my past, and guarantee this love with last with you.
Could you look inside my heart and see...
beyond my insecurities?
And hold me close to you?

There's so much inside, I have taken pains to hide...
Could you walk with me awhile, and then...
help me to feel loved again by you?

I need to know...
where would you go?


"Just Sayin"

Set List

Just Sayin
Beautiful, Untouchable Thing
Come Home
Where Would You Go
Discovering You
We Danced
Mr. Right