Bill Fagley

Bill Fagley

 Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Bill builds songs that are simple, bittersweet and stay with you.


A native of Boston, Bill was first exposed to music at an early age listening to his sister’s Debbie Gibson records. Despite this set back, Bill later studied music at Loyola University and was slated to become an opera singer, however transitioned to the Americana genre by influence of Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Tom Petty.

Bill's music is highlighted by his unique voice and straight-forward and thoughtful lyrics. He crafts songs that are immediately enjoyable and relatable. He shows the ability to take the bittersweet moments of everyday life and make them poignant and heartbreaking. Bill’s songs sound at once familiar and fresh, sad and hopeful, simple and complex - he is a unique, honest voice that reminds the listener of an old friend.

Bill has been playing music a local venues for the past 5 years, including Club Passim and TT the Bear's. He has had the honor of recording and sharing the stage with singer/songwriter Josh Ritter. Bill is extremely excited about the release of his first record, “You Don’t Care”, which was released in 2009 with the accompaniment of the best musicians in Boston, including Zack Hickman and Austin Nevins. The release show was held at Toad in Cambridge, MA to a densely filled room. Fortunately, there were little to no Debbie Gibson covers that night.


You Don't Care

Written By: Bill Fagley

What would you do if I said, "I love you"?

Would you run away or say the same?

I can not help myself

I don’t want no one else

There’s something about you I can’t ignore

I know there are lots of fish in the sea

But you are the only one for me

People say I’m crazy but I’m crazy for you

There’s nothing I won’t do to be with you

You don’t care about me

You stay away from me

I lie here sleeping all alone by myself

Pretending that I’m with you

I dream of us walking all alone by the see

What is the point if you can’t call me?

Why do I try? Why do I care? I don’t know

Flesh & Bone

Written By: Bill Fagley

You left a pair of your socks
Better than forget-me-nots that I’d give to you from me

Your face is framed on the wall, but it can’t catch me when I fall
Like I do, that’s why there's you

Take a step, take me home, take my heart and soul just don’t leave me here alone

Flesh and bone, you could take all I own just don’t leave me here alone

Lame love songs with cliché words, they all could go to the birds, except mine from me to you

So lonesome doves never cry, but they don’t have to say their goodbyes like I tell to you from me

If I die don’t go crazy, like in the movie with Patrick Sweezy, I’d always be there for you

I have breathed in all of the pain that has been floating in the air

I would breathe out all of my simple complexities and insecurities for you

I beat myself to the ground, I thank the stars that found a girlie like you, you are

Got no idea what to do, but I’m still here loving you, like I have always before

No Body Knows

Written By: Bill Fagley

I could see you up all night then get lost into your big blue oceans

I keep it locked inside a wheel that’s spinning around you baby

No body knows, no body sees, it’s just you and me

I know my way back down and get lost into your big blue oceans

I keep it locked inside a wheel that’s spinning around you baby

Every time it feels so wrong

I’ve been falling down too long

Words I Knew

Written By: Bill Fagley

I want to notice you, comin’ in and goin' out

I might appear to be that it’s always how it could have been

I’ll never stop, thinking of you and the words I knew . I’ll never stop, thinking of all the words I knew

I want to follow you, right back down from where we came

I might appear too shy but it’s always that I felt the same

I want to notice you, coming in and going out

I may appear to shy but it’s always that I’ve felt the same

The Meanwhile

Written By: Bill Fagley

She said, I locked the doors and I turned off all the lights

It’s too late in the morning to come back home tonight

Annie waited 'till her final curtain call

It’s a sad thing she’s leaving in the fall

So In the meanwhile… and in the meantime… When it’s over…

I just can’t remember exactly what she said

It started with "I’m leaving" and ended with "you’re dead"

And her plans were post 'till later in July

It’s a funny thing I’m watching the weather guy

When it feels like fading in almost every single day

Don’t you let her come in before she turns away


Written By: Bill Fagely

Julie calls on the telephone, I’m sick and tired of feeling so alone

She keeps crying but I can’t let her go

She’s on the floor watching bad TV, she’s dancing round for them all to see

And Julie knows that she’s not the one for me

But every time that I see her face I can’t help but call out her name

I’m singing Julie don’t you tear me up

Julie sings on the radio, she’s sick of feeling all alone

She keeps calling but no ones pickin the phone

Julie knows that it’s hard to see just how she wanted to be

She don’t know that she’s the one for me

Wait to Stay

Written By: Bill Fagley

I’ve gone to sleep

You need to see

What’s more to say?

Lets call it a day

Omnipotence without obedience

Isn’t that what you told me without anybody?

It’s already gone and you could afford it

Don’t wait to stay

The Hunt

Written By: Bill Fagley

If the phone came off and the light shined on, I would know your face. I would know.

"Like the table I’m on, I could never leave your side," I might say, but I could change.

In photographs, it’s not as bad.

Every time I see you, it’s just a nail touch to glue. I’d be true, but I could leave you.

Lost Songs

Written By: Bill Fagley

I remember Magazine St., the rue da la course, cigarettes and coffee
New Orleans was my home

Lost songs might never be found
Rivers that fall and rain won’t touch the ground
I couldn’t see why you’d stay here with me
Can I leave a note? Gotta find reason to wash over me

I remember the Tchopotoulis, the Tipitina
The show could last night with the sun and the moon

Sometimes I forget just why you left
The show might last all night
New Orleans was my home


"Bill Fagley" - EP (2003)

"You Don't Care" - LP (2009)

Set List

Favorite Song
Lost Songs
Wait to Stay
The Hunt
No Body Knows
The Meanwhile
You Don't Care
Flesh + Bone

Heart of Gold (N. Young)
The Book of Love (The Magnetic Fields)