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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE
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"Amp Teez Interveiw with Essince of Royal Heir Entertainment™"

I was able to catch up with Amp Teez of Billfold Entertainment and catch up with him on everything they’re up to.

- Essince

Essince: First of all, let us know your name and where are you from.

Amp: Amp Teez born and raised in Cincinnati.

Essince: What all does Billfold Ent. do? What services does it offer?

Amp: Billfold Entertainment is a full service record label based in Cincinnati, Oh. Billfold Entertainment Inc. was founded by Owner/Ceo/Artist Anthony “Amp Teez” Thatcher. Billfold Entertainment Inc. specializes in sales, marketing, promotion’s, product management, with a network in all genre’s of music but a focus on Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B artist. With my imaginative mind, I have been able to create innovative music and sounds. With Billfold Entertainment Inc.’s Midwest success, me and my staff then expanded the company, with signing its first official signature group, a compilation of labels artist being represented under the name of Billfold Music (BMG), as well as opening its subsidary company’s Frenzy Beats Productions and CD Productions (owned by Courtdate). With its distinctive talent and impeccable sounds, courtesy of outside producers as well, Billfold Entertainment Inc. is sure to add a much needed buzz not only in the midwest but nationwide.

Essince: I understand that after a loss like you sufferer with the loss of a member in Cory Bradley (R.I.P.) that you said after some time off you came more focused with new goals. What new goals does Billfold Ent have? What can we expect from Billfold Ent in 2010?

Amp: To plan more strategicly in any event to meet dealines. To advertise in ways not being used. To market to our target audience alot stronger than last year, not only in the midwest but on a national level. In 2010 you can expect Billfold Ent to be digging deep into its contacts to open and in some cases kicking down doors for new levels and oportunity to arise.

Essince: How many artists do you have?

Amp: 4; Amp Teez, Courtdate (CD Productions & Entertainment) and Barburyns (Axe Gang Entertainment)

E: Can you stress the importance of having a whole team to work with you? Why include all those services? Why not just have artists and let other people or companies do the rest? Why is it important to keep it in house?

A: Its very important to have a team. A 1 man band just cannot do it all. You’ll have a head full of greys before you know it. I think its good to have these services in house to not only have a closer look at whats going on but to build a broad stroke of record business and to also be able to offer these services to other buisness’s. Even though we have these services in house, we also jump outside the box with outside coporations. If you wanna be an effective record label, artist, promoter, whatever, YOU CANT DO IT ALL. So I say at least know these aspects of the business if you do deal with artist letting outside companies do the rest.

E: What projects are you working on now?

A: Right now we are currently promoting and advertising Billfold Entertainment’s latest release, titled “FACES”, by BMG, Mixed by Dj Dizzle, currently in all digital download stores and in the streets heavy. Also currently working on new music for my solo project dated for August 2010

E: Any plans to expand beyond music or beyond hip hop?

A: Yes we plan on working wit our affiliates more to feed each other’s business by creating events that communities can get invovled in. And me personally, I’m going to join The African American Chamber Of Commerce to play my part in helping and getting help in increasing business opportunities.

E: Any final shout outs or links you want to include?

A: Yea I wanna give shouts out the whole Ohio hip hop awards camp. Shouts out to Cleveland period. Shouts out to Cincinnati for holding us down. Shoutouts to all my affiliates, JJones Entertainment, Salon Essentials, Missy & Jack, Shawn D Photography, Axe Gang Entertainment holding it down ina cleveland area.

Thanks, Amp!
- Ohio Hip Hop Awards Blog

"BMG feature in Midwest Leak Magazine"

Billfold Music Group is Cincinnati bred, a product of hip-hop music, and influenced by chart topping artists such as Three 6 Mafia and any other group or artist with the drive to make it from the underground world of mix tapes to Oscars and Grammys.

However, influences are just what they are, influences. The talent there is still considered to be original with a unique style. Externalized creativity shown in the music is the pivot of Frenzy Beats Productions, which feeds the hunger of Billfold Music Group.

According to reps, the label breeds producers, performers, and lyrical monsters. The Billfold family continues to establish a fan base and credibility throughout the city and across the states.

“Standardized by far, we feed what they crave, and not just standing on stage saying words,” they said.

This is exemplified in performances at varies venues throughout the city from Cincity Lounge (multiple performances), Unsigned Celebrities, City Hall Peace Summit, Opened for Young Joc at Annie’s Entertainment Complex, Opened for Young Buck at Club Rain in Dayton and DePaul University in Chicago.

The labels roster believe's in real life, real music. Established late 2005, Billfold Entertainment is the middle of what began with sticks to a drum, from taping out beats to spitting out rhymes, they warn there fans to trust that it dosent stop here.
- Midwest Leak Magazine

"AMP TEEZ interveiw with WWSMAG"

How did you get started with your music?
I got started wit my music back around 85-86 from having the erg to beat on things at home, and in music class in elementary school. I got a kick out of making noise getting on people nerves. After me getting bopped (hit) over the head a number of times for putting dents and nicks in furniture, I got smart. I started using different size books which brought different sounds when I beat on em wit #2 pencils. I guess my moms was happy that I toned the racket down. Christmas came and that year I got a drum set and a walkman but guess what? I was back to making a lot of noise for some but music in the making for me and others. Now to make a long story short, I went from trying to play a set and still beating on my books to the bass drum being strapped to my body like in a marching band, traveling from one side of the neighborhood to the other with my friend Vernelle. We met in middle school were we found out we had something in common and that was beating on books. Some how after time went by we hooked up wit this band director of the percussion unit at Woodward High School (Cincinnati, Oh.). In a matter of minutes we got initiated in and introduced to a whole different world of music.

What are you currently working on?
Right now currently me and mt team are currently working on BILLFOLD-ENT.’s first mixtape, mixed by my boy FRENZY BEATS. And on them joints we bringing you multiple artist from BILLFOLD ENTERTAINMENT Inc. At the same time we in the mix of putting connects together with other artist from around the City to be featured. In the mean while, people can hear tracks from the mixtape sampler on our myspace page @ and also @

What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?
I listen to all kinds of music from hip- hop, oldies, r&b to rockstar music. Country is probably one of the genre I just cant get into. But by me listening to different types of music I think it brings me different ideas that other people have came up with as far as songwriting and production , which has took me to different levels by me just taking notes and being able to come up wit new ideas from different genre’s and mixing it all up to one meal.

What’s your opinion on mainstream music today? What do you like or not like?
My opinion on mainstream music today is that it needs a make over, as far as HIP-HOP is concerned. A lot of times you turn on the radio it’s the same old watered down nursery rhymes, and duplicating and I think a lot artist just don’t put any creativity in there music to stand out from the crowd of the music industry.

Who do you admire?
I admire my #1 group, THREE 6 MAFIA for the long jeverty, effort, and creativity they put in there music year after year, and also for making history by winning an Oscar from hard work paid off.

Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else’s?
Because its not your everyday sound, and that’s what people want. I always told myself if one person does something a certain way then I will do the opposite not even really knowing that that would get me noticed quicker, plus people wanna hear new and improved music with different ingredients and that’s what I try my best to bring to the table.

Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?
I have worked with quit a few people and I think they all played a part from were I was and were I am today from doing business on paper and noticing how most people at my level or even lower or higher that don’t really handle the business aspect of the industry the way they should. Like as far as getting everything in writing and educating themselves on the industry itself. By me noticing that in a lot of people has made me more aggressive on how I do business now and in the future. One particular person I’ve worked with is an artist out of Cincinnati ,Oh named TOCKA who’s affiliated wit Garrnet Entertainment, and he has taught me some things that has for sure took me to new levels just by me watching and taking notes and also asking a lot of questions from the business aspect to recording in the studio.

What is your local music scene like?
The local music scene is going pretty good right now. We doing live shows at different venues around town at different clubs of course, talent shows, and at the same time getting live video footage for public access channels. We also currently waiting on the results of the auditions to perform at the Black Family Reunion which is a big event here in Cincinnati every year. We also in the city streets networking to open more doors to different venues around town.

What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?
If you in this business for the money, got bad news, you in the wrong business, it isn’t guaranteed. And I think when you focus on that, it takes away from you really putting effort into you producing some good material. One of the main things I tell people is that when dealing in this music industry GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING and at the same time educate yourself about this business of entertainment cause ain’t nobody else gon do it for you. And the last thing I would say is that if you wanna be successful you have to work hard like never before and just stay humble and you will get were u wanna be.

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
In a year from now I see myself and my BILLFOLD team working harder getting exposed to more states and cities. Traveling to more states and cities for different shows and venues, selling more and more products and hopefully getting to the point were I can drop my 9 to 5 to dedicating myself to this music industry full full time.


"Billfold Entertainment Runner up for Cincinnati's Greatest 2008 Talent Competition"

Billfold Entertainment is hands down, an incredible group of young artist. These individuals are talented, skilled and humble. The international scene definitely has NO CLUE what they are missing. Billfold Entertainment gets 2 thumps up from We especially enjoyed you guys (and girl :) ) Here is a short summary of what cincyave has learned about our own homeground BILLFOLD ENTERTAINMENT. BILLFOLD ENTERTAINMENT influences consist of Earth Wind & Fire, Isley Brothers, Three 6 Mafia, T.I., Lauren Hill and Common, just to name a few. Through these, and many more artists dedication to the success of their talents, they will forever have an impact on what music was and forever will be.
BILLFOLD is a team of talented artists craving for success in the music and entertainment industry.Performing in countless shows such as "Urban Idol", "Legends of the Stage", "ESPN's Kumite Classic", "Hustle Hard Friday's" and "The Peace Summit". They have set themselves apart from other bands or groups, on and off the stage, determined to be an effective and positive impact on the music industry. Whether it's getting to venues on time, hustling hard on the streets and internet promoting themselves and other artists or just putting their heads together to create GREAT products. They are more than a label, but a BRAND.

Upholding great leadership and work ethic BILLFOLD ENT. continues to create positive relationships with promoters, dj's and club owners and not to mention the fans. Can't foget about the fans. :-)

Stand up for your own, BILLFOLD ENTERTAINMENT
- CincyAve


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Amp Teez Bio: After a year of music conferences, character assassination attempts, hurt from lost ones, and more….

Amp Teez - Billfold Ent. stands tall in 2011, a recording artist, certified, self employed, dream chaser. Heavy wit rap groups, touring and other events, has led up to what’s next. What’s next? Amp Teez - Billfold Ent. feels “Its Time”, time for his debut solo project. “GOING GREEN”…..

Cincinnati bred, a product of hip-hop music, influenced by the best, chart-topping and any other artists with the drive to make it from the underground world of mixtapes to becoming Oscar and Grammy winners.

But influences are just what they are, influences. “I consider myself to be an original artist with my own style of hit making. As the producer for Billfold Ent., my outstandish creativity shown in my music is the pivot of Frenzy Beats, which feeds the hunger of Billfold Entertainment. I myself, besides being a recording engineer, a producer, and a strong business hand, rep Cincinnati with ah swag like no other. Along with the rest of the Billfold Ent. family, we continue to brand the pavement throughout the city streets and across the states.”

Representing real life, real music, real results. Established late 2005, Billfold Entertainment is the future of what began with sticks to a drum, from tapping out beats to spiting out rhymes…. And it doesn’t stop here….!

This is exemplified in performances at varies venues throughout diffrent cities from Young Jeezy's 2011 Making The Next Hit (Cincinnati, Louisville Ky) to Big Heff's Industry Tour 2011 to Cleveland Oh for the 2008-09 Ohio Hip Hop Awards (Won "Best Group"), to Nerve Dj's Showcase 2010, Unsigned Celebrities, City Hall Peace Summit (Cincinnati). Opened for Young Joc 2008 Jazz Fest (Cincinnati), Young Buck (Dayton Oh) to Pittsburgh Pa for ESPN's Kumite Classic to DePaul U.