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St. Louise Zoo Blues

Written By: Bill Hamilton

St. Louise Zoo Blues

I was walkin on down this old dirt road out in the wild country,
When soon enough, before you know, a bear came after me.
I ran for my safety and I run for the bushes and I ran for the highest tree.
I climbed right up but wouldn’t you know, that bear climbed after me.
This is where I moan, This is where I beg, if I was a dog I’d have my tail between my legs.

There I was a hangin, hangin on a limb. The bear was knockin but I wouldn’t let him in.
He was very very hungry cuz he hadn’t had much to eat.
He was all bear claws and snappin jaws and nasty, pointy teeth.
I tried to get him to but he would not go away.
I’ve been eatin pinecones for three days straight.

It was a standoff situation, I couldn’t go too far but I didn’t find frustration
Cuz I’d….brought my guitar.
There wasn’t much to do up in that old pine tree so I sang the bear a song
And then …He sang one back to me.
He had a foreign accent and his lyrics sounded strange,
But he had this growly voice with a 5-octave range.

We jammed “Stairway To Heaven” and “House of the Rising Sun”
And a couple of dozen classics by the Beatles and Neil Young
And we got an act together and we headed for L.A.
We were makin lots of money and giggin day to day
But there was too much wine and women for us to make it through,
We got busted in St. Louise and they put us in the Zoo.

Now we’re in this cage and we’re staring through the bars.
The bear is singin songs and I’m playin my guitar,
You can drop by on a Sunday if you don’t have much to do,
You can see us sing the blues from the St. Louise Zoo.
But let this be your lesson, if you’re hangin on a limb…
Don’t eat the pinecones…I think they’re an hallucinogen.

Words and music by Bill W.J. Hamilton © Oct.5/2010