Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry

Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry


Playing Forty years of Blues. Mississippi Delta Blues with a touch of funk. If you like Howling Wolf or B.B. King you will love this band. People will dance and not want to leave. Howl-N-Madd knows how to please a crowd. His last two CD's have each been number one on the charts. Check out YouTube!


Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry and the Howl-N-Madd Perry Band

Bill Perry was born in Tula Mississippi. He has been performing for nearly forty years. His home base is Abbeville, Mississippi; however he has spent some time in Chicago and California in past years.

In his earlier career he has written songs for musicians such as Lil Johnny Taylor, Ted Taylor, and Cash McCall. He worked for Phil Chess as a studio musician and for Stan Lewis where he wrote for Jewel Paula Records. He did a stint writing for J.J. Taylor on a Willie Dixon Label.

Bill currently writes and performs his own original music producing CD’s which are played throughout the world placing in the top of many music charts, including XM radio B.B. King’s Bluesville Picks to Click. The CD’s are being played on Radio Stations throughout the US and in Europe. His most recent CD’s are (2010 – Twice as Nice – Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry and Alphonso Sanders) (2009 - Way of Blues)
(2007 - Jook Joint Jump) - (2006 - Reason I Sing the Blues.)

He performs in Clubs, Festivals, and for Private Parties. He performs with his full band and also as a Solo Acoustic Performer. He has been hired as both a musician and as an actor. He also does Blues Education Workshops and has been involved with those in Mississippi and in other states.

He has been hired to perform in movies and television as an actor and also as a musician. He recently was cast in scenes with Cuba Gooding, Jr. in a recent movie Way of War. He has been hired as a musician and actor for a segment of the television top rated series The Gene Simmons Family Jewels show. Bill and his band were featured in an advertisement to promote the State of Mississippi which is seen in many international magazines. He and band have been featured in many documentaries for blues education.

Bill is an instructor in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi’s Museum’s Arts and Education Program. Bill has also worked with B.B. King in the B.B. King Music workshop at Mississippi Valley State University. He has been part of Educational programs presented by Dr. Alphonso Sanders.

Bill teaches using his knowledge of music and his life story. He has featured students on his #1 CD Juke Joint Jump. In 2009 he served along with Bobby Rush and Dick Waterman on the Panel of Blues professionals at the B.B. King International Blues Education Workshop at Mississippi Valley State University.

Perry is a member of the Mississippi Artist Roster

Bill is mentioned on a Blues Trail Historical Marker located in front of Po Monkey’s in Merigold, MS.

Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry has an exhibit on his career and place in blues history as a Blues Musician in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, MS.

Second Place IBC Solo/Duo Winner at the International Blues Challenge 2010 Bill Perry and Alphonso Sanders!

Movie and Television Credits Include:
Way of War Movie with Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Gene Simmons Family Jewels

--- Review in Delta Currents by Thomas Jacques ---
"Jook Joint Jump" is instantly infectious; … This disc is the sound of a guy who's played for many a tough audience, and doesn't consider surrendering the stage until he's won over every stubborn holdout. "Blues Is Not Exclusive," serving as the tune's philosopher-in-residence. The
harmonies on "Willie Mae" are a showstopper….

---- Memphis Critic
Bill “Howl-N-Madd” Perry Blues Band at Ground Zero is More authentic blues.

---- LA California Fan
I can tell you unequivocally that Howl-n-Madd played the best music we heard anywhere on this trip...We visited many Beale Street clubs, including BB King's and Ground Zero Memphis...None of the music we heard there
compared to Bill Perry's group…

---- Movie Critic
KudzuRunner - Bill Perry steals the scene from Cuba Gooding, hands down.




Bill “Howl-N-Madd” Perry's Discography
2010 - Twice as Nice - Howl-N-Madd & Alphonso Sanders
2009 - Way of Blues - Howl-N-Madd
2007 - Jook Joint Jump - Howl-N-Madd
2006 - Reason I Sing the Blues - Howl-N-Madd
2003 - Casino Dream - Howl-N-Madd
2003 - Blues Singer - Buddy Guy (this album won
a Grammy Award)
1999 - Got what It Takes - The Perry's
1997 - VooDoo Charm - The Perry's
1994 - Wake Up - The Perry's
1988 - Guitar Man - The Relaxations, for Blue
Moon Records
1979 - Down at the Disco - Billy Perry
1974 - The Salem Travelers - ABC Peacock
1974 - Mildred Clark - ABC Records
1974 - Columbus Mann - ABC Records
1974 - Little Johnny Taylor - for Jewel Paula
1973 - Banks of the River - Billy Perry
1973 - Background Work - Chuck Berry
1973 - Fontella Bass - Session work for Jewel
Paula Records
1973 - Cash McCall - Session work for Jewel
Paula Records
1972 - J.J. Taylor - for Willie Dixon
1972 - Ted Taylor - for Jewel Paula Records

Set List

Set List
Songs from CD's most original
Some Cover Songs