Billie Dre & The Poor Boys
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Billie Dre & The Poor Boys

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF
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"Billie Dre & The Poor Boys – Run, Run, Rudolph (free track)"

Quirky Canadian rock ‘n rollers, Billie Dre & The Poor Boys, give you the gift of this Chuck Berry classic with a twist. Check out this gem of a video to get you into the Poor Boys version of Christmas spirit. You can also download the track for free from the bandcamp player below. - Indie is not a Genre

"Billie Dre and The Poor Boys"

The house was packed and the drinks were cold as a new band opened for a mixed crowd last week at Gus’s Pub; a well-known local Halifax hot-spot for new emerging artists. Billie Dre and The Poor Boys were the opening act and started the night off with a bang. It was the up-and-coming band’s third show and they’re getting used to the spotlight. The band which formed last winter, include members; Billie Dre (Will Drey) on vocals and guitar, Dylan Ryan on vocals and drums, Corey Henderson playing the tuba and bass guitar, Mike Nahirnak on slide guitar and Tim Weed on trumpet and auxiliary percussion. The sound of their music has influences from several different genres including, folk music, 70’s rock and roll, and country music.

However they don’t limit themselves to any specific genre, Corey Henderson says, “ Musically, we come from all over the place. The band has roots in classic rock and country as well as folk and brass band and jazz, oh and the blues.” The sound of their music is hard to describe but according to Henderson is, “the overall feel for the band is like what a band would sound like in purgatory for sailors. We have a lot of melancholy, or sad songs, but we are not always sad, nor are the sad songs always about being sad. It’s this weird musical limbo, where the songs can go in any direction.” They take inspiration from hit bands and artists, Magnolia Electric Company, The Band, Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and Derek Watkins.

The musical stylings of Billie Dre and The Poor Boys stand apart from other new bands because of the vast array of musical instruments that can be heard. Trumpets, auxiliary percussion and the tuba, give the group a special punch. The members of the band were formed though mutual acquaintances but have really grown close over the past year. Henderson says, “ After recording the ep, we sort of came together organically.” Having a tight knit group of musicians is essential to making it as a band. Tim Weed who has had success with other bands says, “ I think the key to success we’ve had was from having a group of like-minded musicians who want to play and have fun. I’ve played in many groups where the fun isn’t there, and I usually get bored with those groups pretty quickly.”

An audience member, Everardo Ramirez, who also has a musical past says, “ I’ve been in several groups, but there is a clear presence about them, you can tell they’re having fun up there. You can also tell since they are a new band they’re a bit nervous, but overall they were still pretty great, I’d like to see them again after they’ve played a few more shows.” Ramirez believes the band will be successful because of their unusual sound.

All members of the group have a unique musical back round, which include, Henderson who is a musicology student at Dalhousie University, Dylan Ryan who studied sound engineering at NSCC, and Billie Dre who grew up on Punk music. All the musicians have grown up in the Maritimes and the sound of their music have clear nautical themes to it. Some of their songs, include, “Hurricane,” “Ledger Burner,” “A Golden Ghost Kaleidoscope,” and “Butchers Apron.” The nautical theme of drinking wrings throughout their lyrics as well, and Billy Dre said, “ I’m trying my best to be like Hank Williams,” a famous country singer and known alcoholic.

The band are in its beginning stages, but are headed for success. Henderson’s hopes for the band are, “to really get out there and get noticed, because I really dig our sound and I think it’s something that could really work in today’s musical environment. That being said, just having fun with some of my best friends is enough for me for the rest of my time.” The rest of the members agree with Henderson.

Whether the band makes it in the end, music is in their blood. Weed says, “Musically in the future, I’d like to do anything that allows me to play trumpet. Studio work has a lot of appeal for me, as well as playing jazz in seedy, and smoky bars.” - Marina's Corner

"Studio daze: Billie Dre & The Poor Boys tighten their Bourbon Belt and take a dip into surf with two new studio projects"

Billie Dre & The Poor Boys, The Woods Brothers, Kawajabear The polished, three-track Bourbon Belt is the product of Billie Dre & The Poor Boys getting lucky. The salt-soaked, bluesy-country infused rock trio were getting pretty used to recording in their living rooms when the opportunity to get fancy and lay down an EP in the studio fell into their laps. "Without the limitations of recording at home, we explored a new sonic territory for the band. Recording at home is charming because it's less stressful, if you don't nail something you can say 'fuck it' and drink 10 beer instead," says the band's singer/guitar player William Dray. "Being in a real studio forces you to have more of a vision." It was so inspiring that they couldn't stay away. Soon after recording Bourbon Belt Dray and his bandmates, Dylan Ryan (formerly of The Grass) and the tuba-toting Corey Henderson, went back to the studio and cranked out their next release, an EP where rock and roll meets doom-surf. But you'll have to wait until summer for that one.

Friday May 4, Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street, 9pm, $6 - The Coast


"I've Spoken With The Wolf In The Mountain"
Four Song E.P.
Released May 2011

Released February 2012

"Bourbon Belt"
Three Song E.P.
Released March 2012

"Surf Now, Apocalypse Later."
Three Song E.P.
Released July 2012

"Garlic Fingers'
Full Length Album
August 2013



Rock and Roll. High Tides. Dark Secrets. Evil Women. These are just a few of the influences that go into the music of Billie Dre & The Poor Boys. William Dray’s furious lyrics and bare bones Rock and Roll ideals are infused with the wild and pulsating rhythm of Dylan Ryan and the fuzzy, chunk bass grooves of Corey Henderson. Their wild and carefree presence onstage creates a storm of sound and energy, thrashing across the open sea.
Billie Dre & The Poor Boys have quickly made a huge impact on the Halifax Rock and Roll scene, playing regular shows around town, leaving behind their mark on every bar with only the reminisce of a dance party infused rock and roll show.