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""Billie Rainbird soars!""

"Soulful, Billie Rainbird Soars on this stunning debut EP 'Like You Were Here'

Load it on your i-Pod and take off on a journey with Billie. We're going to be hearing a lot more from this debut artist. Put it on the top of your Holiday shopping list!"

-Canaan Rubin, Reporter, "Entertainment Tonight" - "Entertainment Tonight!"

""Absolutely exquisite""

"Billie Rainbird has a voice that will bring you into her world. Her songs are from the heart and are raw and simple but have the sophistication of someone that has been performing for years. This is Billie's EP debut and I for one can't wait to hear more."

-Simon Phillips, Drummer. Producer - Simon Phillips

""Jeff Arch ~ Academy Award nominated..."

"This is a wonderful EP. I've taken it with me for the last 5 days now on a 2 hour beach walk, and while the EP is less than 2 hours, I just keep it on repeat. This is not music to ever get tired of. Billie has obviously been places, she's too wise to be a victim and too vulnerable to be a toughie. For me this is a perfect mix. Can't wait to hear more from her."

-Jeff Arch ~ Academy Award nominated screenwriter of Sleepless in Seattle... - JEFF ARCH



Somewhere between Brooklyn and Greenwich Village, the spellbinding voice of Billie Rainbird is going around. Reassured by her first experience with an 8 track EP in 2007, this beauty is going back to the studios to record her first complete album, with the exceptional presence of Julian Lennon for a duet.

To preview the album, a single will be released on 4th of July, Independence Day.

To base her privileged audience of her ideals, she decided to give a new approach to one of the most popular songs in the fabulous and long history of rock- “For What It’s Worth” from Buffalo Springfield.

Billie Rainbird reveals her strong and beautiful rich voice, with more rock, guts- and a heavy rhythm punctuated by male background vocals.
Her cover is simply irresistible, marked by a burning and obvious passion to sing out, determined to remind us that, we the people, are not the owners of the Earth!

“FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH” was the first protest song that became a top ten single in 1967. We were deep in an illegal War, and the counterculture's artists staged the only efficient weapon against a political system deepset in its own stupidity.

This theme obviously resonates with Billie RAINBIRD, a profoundly sensitive advocate of peace, voicing herself so that children will not forever be the victims of adult’s madness.

Are we seeing, because of the symbolic release date, an obvious sign of her opposition to the current situation in the world?
As Bob Dylan said, “the answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind”. Hidden here is a beautiful and mystic voice, haunted by the willpower to bring people together, without discrimination, religion or origins.

“For What It’s Worth”... is just gold when Billie Sings!


""Billie Rainbird Rocks!""

"I knew the song,
but I never imagined it could sound like this. A stellar vocal performance combines with an arrangement that is as surprising as it is reminiscent of what rock and roll used be and is now again!

Billie Rainbird rocks!" - Rich Tozzoli, Producer, Mixer, Composer



""Look Out!""

"Natural talent, style, looks, hard work, kindness and dedication...rarely collide in one person.
Here is a wonderful example of what happens when they do. Look Out and enjoy Billie Rainbird!"

- Randy crafton, Producer

""Exquisite stylish self produced soulful debut by intense singer/songwriter""

"Welcome to Billie Rainbird’s evocative world, a delicate mix of New York City’s epicity, small town’s fantasies and tenderness. Billie songs’ best kept secret is a sophisticated taste for catchy melodies in the classic tradition of Carole King, Laura Nyro, Karla Bonoff, Carole Bayer Sager. This singer/songwriter is production wise and keeps an ethereal feeling all over through the eight original compositions of “Like You Were Here”. Best moments are the heart stopping "Song from Vegas” and the intense final passages of “Like You Were Here“ while her country’s roots are best shown in “Whiskey Soaked Jeans.” Billie Rainbird is a name to watch grow and a sensitive artist to support. Dive deep into her emotional world, you won’t be disappointed and never turn back!"

Ernesto de Pascale, Journalist.
Il popolo del blues - Ernesto de Pascale, Journalist.

""Billie Rainbird dazzles!""

Billie Rainbird's incredible voice, a dynamic & powerful instrument, dazzled a full house at NYC's Kenny's Castaways last night. 
With fiery passion, she combined the intimacy of her EP "Like You Were Here" with the energy of a live band complete with violin. 
The full hour set enthralled the crowd. The shows momentum was captivating, Billie Rainbird's emotional flight staggering, her beauty breathtaking. 
Her encore number Ninth Night of June was mesmerizing & left the audience completely stunned. 
Talented and remarkable this unique and daring artist is on her way. 
Watch out, Billie Rainbird can fly!

"Canaan Rubin, Reporter Entertainment Tonight!" - "ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!"


Like You Were Here - EP 2007 Zenzzoo

For What It's Worth - Single - 2008

Catch The Sky - Debut Album - Summer 2009



Billie Rainbird was born and raised in a small town in northwest Canada. This natural beauty hails from a diverse cultural heritage- part Native American Indian, Scottish, Irish, English, German and Hungarian Gypsy. Her musical heritage is equally eclectic - she grew up listening to Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Mahalia Jackson and The Beatles. You can hear those influences in her composition and production. Her music has its origins in her relationship to the piano. Self taught Billie Rainbird is an intuitive and prolific songwriter.

After releasing her debut eight song EP Like You Were Here, Billie received tremendous acclaim from the listening public and musical professionals around the world. She has spent the last year and a half refining her style and building a musical repertoire while collaborating with some of her early mentors in the studio. The resulting 12 song debut album is a powerhouse journey with vocal performances ranging from sultry siren songs like Consume Me, to classic rockers such as Hello Love, - her soul baring gospel confessional -Don't You Know, and her mystical duet with Julian Lennon -No Great Divide. She also reclaims one of the most iconic songs of the late sixties with a stunning version of Buffalo Springfields -For What It's Worth. Her sound has the edgy elements of Patti Smith with the texture of Chrissie Hynde and the sensual roots of Lucinda Williams.

An organic production showcases classic performances from her live band featuring all-stars Gary Burke, Earl Slick, Simon Phillips and Jim Weider. Rounding out the sonic canvas, the album features truthful, intimate and socially conscious lyrics demonstrating that Billie Rainbird is one of the most remarkable artists of her generation.