Billion Dollar Bohemian

Billion Dollar Bohemian


Psychedelic Soul is what Billion Dollar Bohemian is all about. Rock Soul Metal and Blues come together in a cohesive whole.


have always had love for music because it can be so much to so many different people. I try to be to music as much as it has been to me. I don't have a long story of inherited record collections or my first guitar. I just sat down one day and decided that I wanted to be as music can be: happy, lovely, political, angry, clever, intelligent, motivational and so on. I don't really consider myself any particular genre. I like to rock out like that hyperactive wackjob friend or sit and trip off of the world like that lonely writer at the coffee house. The music you hear from me is as limitless as the range of my emotions. I write and perform all of my songs, every note. I haven't had any formal musical training. I just kind of learned by listening Stevie Wonder's classic albums and trying to figure out how he put them together. I love the Psychedelic music of the 60's as well as Nu Psychedelic music from today. I also mix in some of my jazz influences, such as, Horace Silver, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and some Electronica with Hip-Hop. I use the name Billion Dollar Bohemian because, while I am a musician, I am also an author and visual artist. Oh! and by the measure of my starving artist friends, I'm a billionaire..( not even close... I know the truth...I'm broke too). I hope the everyone who listens to my music will find something in it for them and get to know me little better with each new song I create...see you on my side of town. Profile


Billion Dollar Bohemian's debut EP will be available March 2009. His current hits "Last Nerve" and Blind can be heard on Besonic, Myspace, and

Set List

sets are typically 35-40 minutes. Opening with "Last Nerve" "Life is a Luxury" " I Cry" "Dream" "Blind" "When People Suffer and "Don't Worry."