Billi Shakes

Billi Shakes

 New York City, New York, USA

Take Hip-Hop, Electro-Pop, R&B and sexual suggestion, then grind it through your old Victrola and you get Billi Shakes. Our Multimedia presentation includes, VJ, DJ, back up dancers and more. We like to think of it as the roaring 20's goes into Bass Booming Overdrive!


Billi Shakes and the Phakespear Orchestra is a 1920’s Digital Caberet performance group from NYC.

Transporting their audience to a distant plane with the magic of song and dance, this unique blend of 1920’s originals, Hip-Hop, Libertine Punk and Electro-Pop is one of a kind and timeless as it is ground-breaking.

Billi and her crew can manipulate and twist their show from a cabaret influenced spectacle to an after hours naughty dance party. Mixing old time favorites with bass-bumping beats is the name of the game and this gang plays to win! This multi-media presentation includes live on stage VJ and DJ, African dancers and burlesque type antics. The group mixes it up, shakes and stirs, and then pours it out strong. Hope your ready!

Not only does Billi act as front woman of the Phakespear Orchestra, she is also the sole choreographer for the group. Studying African dance while living in South Africa, Billi combines modern day hip-hop,native African dance moves and classic burlesque styling, giving this unique form of performance a new and timeless feel. Billi Shakes is once again proving that NYC’s melting pot of culture and art is alive and exquisite as ever.


The debut album "It's Bili Shakes!" is scheduled to drop April 15 2010

Set List

Our set can range from 5 minuets to 1hr 30min.
We have the capability to mix into our songs and create a longer dance version live, giving the show more a jam/Dance Party feel. On different nights you may hear one of our songs run cut and dry just like the album, other nights we may feature one or two different songs to be our extended dance tracks for that night.
Here is a fun example of our setlist:

Maple Leaf Rag
It's Billi Shakes!
Officer Goodie
Egypt Land
Genie Boy
Little Black Book
The Rabbit
Push and Glide
Super System