Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy


Creative with a wide range of musical styles from soundtracks to pop.


I play by ear and i hear things in my head before they're even played out on an instrument. I use my keyboard and computer to create all my music from the bare bone. I dont use loops, and i harmonize to only myself. All the singing, writing of the lyrics and the music is done by only myself. My creativity is unlimited.


Stop and smell the roses

Written By: Bill McCarthy

the river runs dry
and the people ask why
the earth is changing
a different moon in the sky
the airs so warm
in beautiful july
the tree tops blow
in the breeze going by

the summers ringing
the birds are singing
the sun is feeling
so perfect this evening
the seasons are full
of beautiful reasons
to stop and see
the beautiful creations

"stop, and smell the roses
stop, and witness the beuty of the day"

A leaf falls
as it spins through the air
a person feels a chill
Its gett'in colder out there
The trees begin to change
orange and red
the sun starts fall
much, earlier instead
the trees are bare
a winter chill comes through
the snow flakes fall
the warm fires start too
the people start to play
with the snow from above
this holiday season
sparks all the happyness and love
moments of joy
it starts to transcend
dancing and kissing
this year to an end
half way through
this cold snowy mix
this is the time
when our new journey begins
emotions are high
with the clearing in the sky
the snow is gone
the temperatures start to rise

small and simple
in the grass amongst the trees
a flower is seen
visted by bees
the seasons have come
and the seasons have gone
now it seems
that the roses have sprung


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I dont perform live, i produce all my music in my own personal studio.