Bill Miles

Bill Miles

 Newport News, Virginia, USA

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The Bottom

Written By: Bill Miles

The Bottom
written by: Bill Miles

D, Dm, C6, D6(no3 no5), Cadd9(no3 no5)
Well he grew up on the bottom end of the wrong side of the tracks
D, Dm, C6, D6(no3 no5), Cadd9(no3 no5)
If crime liquor and drugs was a class you can bet he’d pass
D, Dm, C6, D6(no3 no5), Cadd9(no3 no5)
Going hungry was a pain he knew growing up as a boy
D, Dm, C6, D6(no3 no5), Cadd9(no3 no5)
Bending them old guitar strings just something that he enjoyed.

Chorus: D, D(no3), D, D(no3), C add9(no5),C add(no3, no5), G, G (no3)
When you’re on the bottom
There ain’t no place but up
Down on the bottom
Standing there looking up
From the bottom
Where opportunity and luck are in short supply
Down on the bottom oh yeah
Down on the bottom

There were angels in this place
They’d pay him to pay and sing
Sometimes that’s the only way he had a bite to eat
When he finely got old enough to buy himself an old beat up car
He drove out across them tracks and he tried to get real far
From the bottom


He played in every coffee shop and little bar that he passed
Didn’t take him long he’s got a hit song at last
He started with nothing just an old second hand guitar
Poor boy’s dream finally made him a star.