Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer


Instrumental rock guitar music that straddles the line between rock, ambient and jazz. A fusion of rock stylings with the harmonic content from jazz based music all based around Bill's unique guitar voice.


BILL PALMER (Bmus Jazz Perf)
A professional guitarist, musician and teacher, Bill is well versed in many styles including Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Country.
His versatility in a range of genres and ability on both acoustic and electric guitars make him a much sought after musician.

Bill has played, performed, recorded and/or toured with a number of acts including: Original artist AVRA's 2003 Australian east coast ‘Superalterego' tour: the tour included a live-to-air web cast performance at the

Artists such as:
Susi Davies/Salty (Adelaide)
Jacki Cooper (Sydney)
Evelyn Duprai (Sydney)
Tim Carter (Brisbane), Craig Calhoun (Sydney), Bryley Danoon (Sydney), plus many others.

Cover bands Bill has played with over the years are many and varied ranging from duos and trios to all out 6 piece ensembles. Some include: Ask Bruce (Jazz/Funk 5 piece - Sydney), The Firm (Rock 6 piece - Sydney), Shaken not stirred (Covers sequenced trio - Sydney), Jazzhouse (Jazz 5 piece - Adelaide), Metropolis (Covers 4 piece - Adelaide), Unplug the Jukebox (Rock covers 6 piece - Adelaide), Chartbusters (Rock covers 4 piece - Sydney), What you need (4 piece plus sequencer INXS tribute show) and many others too numerous to list.

Bill also performs solo at restaurants, weddings and private functions. His repertoire in this regard includes jazz standards, classical pieces and his own interpretations of modern tunes.

Previous clients have included: Soul Shack recordings (N.S.W), Soundbox Studios (N.S.W), Trevor Glass productions (New Zealand), Adrian Holmes studios (S.A), S.A Jazz Archive Inc (S.A) and many other independent, unsigned original artists and bands.

"Outlines" is to be Bill's debut album and is presently in the mixing and editing stage and will be released sometime in the very near future.
The album features a mix of styles but is predominantly in the rock fusion vein.

Melbourne musician and songwriter Dave Graney commented on Bill's guitar playing on the self titled Salty CD saying - "...I do like the clarity and the sparseness of a lot of the songs though... the different sounds and the fact that the guitar player, although he can play great, knows when to step out for the sake of the song sometimes altogether..."

Bill studied at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney (for 1 year only). He completed his BMUS Jazz performance degree at Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2004 and also released his first instructional book "Concepts of Jazz, for all musicians, Vol 1". A revised and updated 2nd edition of Volume 1 is also about to be published (May 2007) and Bill is hard at work on Volume 2.

*Amaze by Squeaker (unsigned) 2002
*Lorem Ipsum by Jarrad Payne (unsigned) 2003
*Ellington's Heirs by S.A Jazz Archive Inc 2004
*Salty self titled by Salty (unsigned) 2004
*Free by Hannah (Soundbox records) 2007

*SuperAlterEgo by Avra (JSEM music) 2003
*Centre of Gravity by Tim Carter (Supersonic) 2003
*Silent Broadway by Ash Hansen (Upside music) 2006

*Concepts of Jazz for all musicians Volume 1 (Self Published) 2004
-A non-instrument specific self help guide for would-be jazz musicians. Essentially a jazz theory "text book" with a conversational writing style and clear concise methods for getting into jazz orientated harmony. Described by Australian Guitar Magazine as "...just about the best we've seen in terms of de-mystifying the art of jazz guitar and teaching the theory in easy to swallow mouthfuls..."

*Amaze songbook (self published) 2003
-Bill contributed to the songbook/transcriptions published by Adelaide act Squeaker from their self-titled debut album. His contribution was essentially helping clear up the names of some of the chords; Bill scores a mention in the credits.

*Silent Broadway songbook (Upside Music) 2006
-Bill proofed and edited the songbook/transcriptions from Ash Hansen's debut solo album Silent Broadway. The tasks included checking the guitar voicings, notation, spacing, clefs and various other mundane eye squinting tasks. Bill receives a mention in the credits at the start of the book.

*Concepts of Jazz for all Musicians Volume 2
-A continuation of Bill's initial book with further study of jazz harmony.
*Outlines songbook
-Transcriptions (notation and tablature) from Bill's forthcoming solo album of the same name.


"Outlines" currently in the mixing and editing phase.
Check out for streaming play of 4 unmixed and unmastered tunes from my forthcoming release...