Bill Pekar

Bill Pekar

 Victoria, Texas, USA

Bill Pekar is a singer/songwriter from Shiner, Texas. Bill has 2 Cds to his credit and has received praises from fans across Texas and beyond including European fans. Pekar has made several appearances on the Texas Music Charts over the last several years and plans to keep "brewing" up more songs.



Shiner, Texas is home base for veteran singer/songwriter Bill Pekar. Shiner is known for beer and the Spoetzl Brewery but Pekar has been brewing up some new tunes for a new project in 2011.

The historic Shiner Brewery is a proud supporter of Bill Pekar and his band The Rainey Brothers. Pekar has two CDs to his credit which were released on the independent Corn Fed Records label and is still selling copies via his website , other popular Internet sites and live shows.

The first album, The First Five Years put Pekar on the Texas Music Charts with 4 singles including the Aggie/Longhorn love song Colors Are All The Same and the good time tune The Koozie Song. The sophomore project On A County Road led to increasing the Pekarhead fan base by including tunes such as Hide The Whiskey and Paul Can't Polka.

The great response from fans has allowed Pekar to share the stages with many wonderful artists from Nashville to Texas and even in Mexico. Pekar and the band have performed at the Nashville Fan Fair sharing the stage with Lee Roy Parnell. He has shared stages with Miranda Lambert at county fairs in Texas all the way to opening for Brad Paisley at an Amarillo concert hall. Pekar has ventured into Acuna, Mexico and shared the stage with Radney Foster at the famous Corona Club.

Bill has opened for Robert Keen, Pat Green and then back-to-back nights of opening for Little Feat to The Bellamy Brothers in the same weekend at the same venue. Pekar has shared the stage with Chris Cagle and Dwight Yoakum at an outdoor event in Dallas. The now famous Shiner Bocktoberfest also allowed the guys to play with great acts such as Joe Ely, Asleep at the Wheel, Lyle Lovett and Kid Rock.

Bill Pekar can't be held down to just one genre of music. He crosses boundaries and appeals to many fans from old to young. He can hang with a range of genres of music and age groups from a funky rock crowd on a Friday night (Little Feat) to a traditional country crowd at a Saturday night dance hall (Bellamy Brothers).

Bill has been working on some new tunes lately and has got the band performing lately in a rejuvenated spirit. This spark has Bill and band planning on a new project for 2011. This rejuvenation has Bill Pekar and The Rainey Brothers wanting to push the musical envelope and wanting to reach new fans
across the country but then still sharing a faithful cold Shiner Beer with our loyal fans from Texas, the USA and across the pond to Europe.

Damwilli Entertainment, Texas, USA


Jack Daniels and Michelle

Written By: Skip Brown, Bill Pekar

Jack Daniels and Michelle-written by Skip Brown, Bill Pekar

Depression is contagious I caught it from my wife
That's why I'm down here sitting on this bar stool every night
Doing shots and acting like I don't even care
She says it's just a women thing stomps her foot and glares
Grandpa said the secret to be married all your life
To fall in love every day with the same girl every night
Well I don't know if it's true or if it will for me
The hardest thing is coming home to her misery

That's why you'll find me a the bar sitting by myself
All the regulars know my story but none of them can seem to help
The women I married after twenty three years turned out to be someone else
That's why I'm spending time with Jack Daniels and Michelle

Jack thinks it's okay for me to feel the way I do
Especially he says after I've had a few
Michelle is always there for me like she already knew
I was ready for another here why don't you have one too
Everybody says it's a women thing let it go
But Jack says there some things that aren't for me yo know
Michelle says she'll get over it, just takes a little time
But I'm wondering who she'll be then or if I'll survive

Repeat Chorus:

She's taking pills for this and that rubbing lotion on her joints
But they don't seem to be working so what the hell's the point
Michelle and Jack take care of me all the medicine I need
Well I always feel much better when I'm in their company

Repeat Chorus:

The Koozie Song

Written By: Skip Brown, Bill Pekar

The Koozie Song-written by Skip Brown, Bill Pekar

There's sure one thing a beer drinker knows
In the summertime you got to keep it cold
In the winter when your whole body is shaking
You got to have something for that insulation
Then came the Koozie and you wonder how
You can even buy a can without one now
They make them for bottles and all kind of jugs
They even make one to fit your coffee mug

Happiness is a tight Koozie
Everybody's got a favorite,I'm not choosy
Long as it keeps the beer cold in my hand
If your from Texas you'll understand
Happiness is a tight Koozie

If you have a party and it's bring your own booze
You sure to end up with a Koozie or two
Left in the kitchen or the living room
So you add to the ones you've already use
Sometimes you have enough for all
But even a koozie has a last call
They split their sides, they loose their bottoms
Beer is colder if you got 'em

Repeat Chorus:

It's sad to say but you know it truley
It's a fact of life that even a Koozie
Won't last forever there comes a day
When your favorite one gets thrown away
That's no problem where ever you go
You'll find them on sale and you never know
You might find one you like a little better
Maybe one day they'll make one last for ever

Repeat Chorus:

The Drunk Driver Song

Written By: Skip Brown, Bill Pekar, Howard Gloor, Damon Williams

The Drunk Driver Song-written by Skip Brown, Bill Pekar,
Howard Gloor, Damon Williams

He was headed down Highway 95 just 'bout on his last beer
When he pulled into Marty's for one more round
That's the way his old pickup steered
Well that old Shiner clock above the cooler
Lit up the beers on ice
And all the regulars they were buying rounds
You know their adding to his vice

Five after seven turned ten before nine
I'm not a talking about the time
When he felt that old tranny slip into drive
Once again headed down 95
Well he didn't get far just down the road
When a light show caught him from behind
Well he was driving pretty good at a thirty five
But he was on the wrong side of the line

Please Mr. Ossifler don't take me away tonight
All I need is my warm bed not a cold cell floor all night
Well I promise I'll never drink again
You know it happens all the time
So please Mr. Ossifler I can't walk that crooked line

Well he had some time to think about the seriousness of his crime
Before the man put him that black and white without wasting any time
All the money it could cost him, could by himself a brand new jag
Well five years probabtion, community service
Not to mention how his wife would nag

Now would he give thanks to the Lord for saving his life this time
Or would a big old guy in a Stone Cold t-shirt
Say "tonight you're gonna be mine"
Well the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Won't make him that poster child this year
And I wonder how long 'tll he's down at Marty's
You know he gave up dinking beer

Repeat Chorus:
So please Mr. Ossifler, I don't know my CBAs tonight
I said please Mr. Ossifler, please get that flashlight out of my eyes

Colors Are All The Same

Written By: Skip Brown/Bill Pekar

Colors Are All The Same
Skip Brown/Bill Pekar

She was born in College Station; her daddy had a farmer’s PHD
Her first steps were taken with the Corps on Kyle Field
When she graduated, she bought a maroon pick-up truck
They celebrated down at the Dixie Chicken when she opened her vet practice up

Now he was born Austin, his daddy had a store down on the drag
Ever since the school had opened, relatives were Longhorn grads
His room was painted orange, he was getting his degree
In the band playing French horn, first row, second seat

Gig ‘em Aggies, Hook ‘em Horns
One side’s maroon, the other, burnt orange

He saw her at a concert, way before Robert Earl Keen
She was wearin’ an Aggie shirt, to him it didn’t mean a thing
He pushed his way on through the crowd like any ol’ hungry bull would do
When he was close enough he shouted, “Hey, mind if I sit by you?”

She turned around and stared at him, couldn’t believe her eyes
He had a burnt orange jacket, Longhorns from side to side
Well she looked again and took a chance, said “That’s OK with me”
Something in that second chance went beyond the rivalry

When your eyes are closed and you’re in the dark,
The colors are all the same
Just two beating hearts not playing any games

You can gig ‘em, you can hook ‘em
One thing’ll never change
When your eyes are closed and you’re in the dark,
The colors are all the same

When she went to meet his Mother, she was wearing a cowboy hat
When they left they hugged each other, Mom said, “You’re always welcome back”
When she took him home to Daddy, she worried about the ring in his ear
He was makin’ pretty good money but his tattoo was pretty clear

Well they decided to get married, bridesmaids wore maroon
The ring bearer carried a burnt orange package to the groom
Well the ring that he gave her was diamond mounted on two thumbs
Sitting on a Longhorn cradle, cause when it’s said and done

When your eyes are closed and you’re in the dark,
The colors are all the same
Just two beating hearts not playing any games
You can gig ‘em, you can hook ‘em

Now all they had to do was figure out where they’re gonna live
Well they flipped a coin and that is how she got her way over his
Well they vacationed up in Kerrville, they went down to the coast
Their first born they named Earl, you should have heard them boast

Every year at Thanksgiving, Earl could take either side
All the birthday gifts he was given were hints they couldn’t hide
There were 12th man T-shirts and Longhorns of every size
His first two words were, “Gig ‘em Bevo”, always playing both sides

Gig ‘em Aggies, Hook ‘em Horns
One side’s maroon, the other, burnt orange

When it came time to go to college, Earl didn’t know what to do
His Dad wanted him in Austin, his Mom in maroon
Well, the moral of this story, is if you listen to this song
Where do y’all think he went to college?, well , you just might be wrong

Well he tried both universities and you don’t have to wonder how
He says with all sincerity…
“I’m a Southwest Texas Bobcat now!”

When your eyes are closed and you’re in the dark,
The colors are all the same
Just two beating hearts not playing any games
You can gig ‘em, you can hook ‘em


The First Five Years (2001)
On A Country Road (2003)
(A new 3rd album?) (2011)

Set List

Generally prefer to do a 90 minute set of mostly Pekar tunes. We can do a 4 hour gig with combination of original and cover tunes: Here's a set list.

Pekar Tunes.....

Hollow Spot
Dirt Poor
Last of the Ole Time Cowboys
Jack and Michelle
Ist 5 yrs
Be My Blanket
One way Ticket
Koozie song

Used to Be
Mr Offlicer
This House
Hide The Whiskey
Years Ago
Dotted White line
Gettin Over You
Country Road
Paul Can’t Polka
Hey Hoe
Old Dog
Every Step that I take
No More
Cardboard Car
Like Only Broken Hearts Do

Other artists or covers....

Pirate looks at 40
Rocky Top
Last Kiss
Sing me Back Home
It’s all over Now
Close Up the Honky tonks You Can’t do that
Ashes of Love
Should a Known...
Brown Eyed girl
Folsom Prison
Who’ll Stop the Rain
Shakin Shakin
Good time charlie
Pick Me up On your way down
Road house blue