Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips

BandChristianHip Hop

I just have a heart to worship our Lord and I wanted to incorperate it into to music that I love to play, so it will be exstremly familiar sounding to the baby boomers. So far, I have been well recieved around the north, with a message of deliverence and the power of prayer.


I have been in music for 30 years, I play just contemperary Christian music with a little flair of the 70's and 80's. My producer calls it gospel with attitude, I wanted to stay true my influences plus stay focused on Jesus. I feel I have achieved Both. It's just great music


There is one single being played in missouri, and will be going out over computer and satilite radio to 175 different countries, plus it's going to be broadcast to our troops in the middle east.
and that's "Come Alive" # 5 on the CD, there's a jazz cut that a station out of New york will be playing soon if not already

Set List

While premiering the CD it took just over an hour and a half with a twenty minute puppet show in the middle promoting the strength of additions but the power in prayer to overcome and be set free