Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts


Bill Roberts leads a group of three multiinstrumantalists who all sing. These guys are professionals who do whatever they want to do well. Their live show is an energizing mix of classic and modern rock, funk, blues, jazz, cajun, rockabilly, country and more. Expect to have fun.


Bill Roberts is a veteran of clubs and studios for over three decades. He has played constantly and has adapted every style along the way. His initial inspiration was the Blues/Rock guitarists of the late '60s. The band's level of musicianship is extremely high with Bill out front. Sidemen Bryan Stiglich on drums and John McCloud on bass are sought out teachers to some lucky students.


"New CD Raw Material highlights works of the great '60s Blues/Rockers. The album features 13 stunning and respectful covers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) , Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons and Stevie Ray Vaughan. There is one Roberts penned jam called Hitit, a harp/bottleneck jam with neuvo/retro drums. There are a couple of non guitar hero songs on Raw Material that fit in well with the collection. Bill Roberts is an incredible talent."

Set List

Live shows usually feature 13-14 songs per set and average 2-3 sets per night. A typical night features Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Cajun, Rockabilly. Expect covers. They play an astonishingly wide variety of styles showcasing their experience and mental library of tunes.