Bill Schmidt

Bill Schmidt

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

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My Will

Written By: Bill Schmidt

My Will

Righteousness was not my stock and trade
The person I thought most about was me when decisions were made
Proudly I would do the things that I thought should be done
I cared not where the chips would fall as long as I had won

My will ran into Jesus My will found out the truth
That the person I had come to be was destined now to lose
I would pay the price for my wil

In the midst of all my grief I found You there
You were showing grace and mercy while I sat in my despair
With forgiveness for the asking faith in You the key
and the treasure of a new beginning right in front of me

My will begged Your forgiveness My will cried out your name
And since I've called upon You I will never be the same
Now I yield my life to Your will

And I will worship You Jesus and I will bow to You Lord
You took the broken man I was and made something new
By Your grace now I say I will I will Iwill