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The best kept secret in music


Can’t You Take a Little Joke?

Lyrics are strong, and the down and dirty rock sound works for this humorous track. Vocals are good and have personality. Would make a good live track with a club audience. I like the sax and horn parts. Good story, performance song, arranged well.

Richard Filaccio, Yreka, CA

Jerry Lee Lewis of the new millenium...vocals and players are all mixed great…I can tell that some talented people got behind this one to make it come together.

Bain Anderson, Vancouver, BC

E-Street band meets Stevie Ray Vaughan. Wind section is brilliant, piano too.

Augustino Graguio, Spain

This has a nice NRBQ feel with a great squeezed Strat guitar tone a la Al Anderson. Doesn’t mean this is derivative, you can hear the right amount of influence mixed with original style. The horns are slamming-nicely mixed too. The lyric is delicious clever fun with just a sprinkle of Beatles flavor thrown in here and there. Drums and bass are locked tight…This is fun rock and roll, something it takes balls to do anymore, sadly. Keep it up-you guys rock!

Denny Presley, Nashville, TN

A fun and rocking (!) song to listen to - enjoyed listening to it. The guitar playing was excellent - a lovely tone. The production was good, could hear every player clearly and well balanced. The vocals were great and lively - excellent performance from all in the band. The lyrics were quite bizarre but good to listen to - suited the track. great stuff!!!!!!

Rob Colquhoun, Swindon, UK

The music here is good and well performed. It reminds me of Little Feat meets the Band with some Billy Joel thrown in…

David Hillman, Seattle, Washington

Boogie Down
Early 70's rock sound. Maybe early Ringo solo stuff.
Love the sax. The song is like a show tune.

Bald Walter Band, Boston, MA

Mr. Smith of Nowhere

I love it from the start killer opening and just a very creative song if you don’t like this track well your entitled to your own opinion but I love it and highly recommend a good listen…it is a very useful way of producing music and the song has a great story. This is one of my favorite styles of writing… thanks guys this track made my night really I will be definitely looking you up.

Adam Dias, Lolita, CA

The vocalist sounds a little angry. Its like he's bottled up and about to snap. Really cool. The backup singers on the other hand are angelic, which is a great compliment to his voice. This song sounds like its in a play or a movie or something…You guys could easily open for B52's.

Bill Sotnkow, Toronto, Canada

A combination of All Along the Watchtower and Led Zeppe(lin).

Ken Oliver, London, UK

Retro, but in a really really good kind of way.
Nice bluesy guitar on the intro. I like the production of the vocals, the "on the other end of the telephone" thing. The dynamics between male and female vocals are just right. Quite deliciously retro. Overall, production and performance are really good. This song has mood and personality. Definitely looking forward to hear more of the band.

Geoffroy Vincens, Bordeaux, France

Diggity! Male vocals have a unique sound to them but are a little too quiet. Especially when the sweet female vocals come in.

Guitars are nice and bluesy. Really add some credibility to an otherwise jokey sounding song.

I'll admit it I had to stop typing and find out what the chords were. Simple fun stuff. Lyrics are fun and storytelling. What else can you say?

Very original song guys!

Marcus Henderson, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

3 Monkeys

I love the melody that carries this song during the verses. Lyrics are good…overall produced well.

John White, Toledo, OH

Good mix of stuff in the intro. I had to listen again…
[This] song sounds like a Beatles tune…

Bill Sotnkow, Toronto, Canada

Think of Me

Good guitar, cool backup vocals. I really like the guitar. really good production. Drums were really good job on following the music, filled up the song.

Tim Buchholz, Columbus, OH

Nice Job!
A soulful type of music group...the female vocals really kicks it up a notch! She should be featured more...

Stacy S, Wilmington, Delaware

Nice, slow rock song
I like the intro with acoustic guitars and drums slowly coming in. This is a good rock song, and the vocalist is very gifted. The female voice in the background is groovy and sexy, even if it's kind of surprising to hear her voice/style in this type of slow, acoustic song. - The melody and arrangement work well, and the song is easy to remember, which is a good thing.

Helge Kraybe, Oslo, Norway

A Bare Naked Ladies song with clothes on… the mix is great, pro quality production...the hook here is the supporting guitar riff and the background vocalist.

Bain Anderson, Vancouver, BC

Great Lyrics! The snoring in the intro made me laugh and was not sure what to expect. Loved the instrumental which is strong but did not overpower the vocals -


CD - "Living in Absentia", 2004
CD - "Creatures of Habit", "2005
"Dark Side of the Dial" Air America Radio NYC, Air America Radio Phoenix, 2005
"Baby That's What I Call Love" Pipeline Radio, UK


Feeling a bit camera shy


Local Phoenix artist/musician Bill Slater, formerly of “Slater & Shellans” released his first solo project “Lines & Circles” on label Futurama Records in September, 2006. Most of the session musicians from his previous two CD projects (”Living in Absentia” and “Creatures of Habit”) appear on this musical treat, including Phil Janzen (drums) Mindy Nilson (vocals) Jerry Donato (saxophone and flute) Wilson Gillette (pedal steel), Jimi Powers (lead guitar), and Tony Severino (bass). They are joined by new artists Steve Mitchell (lead guitar), Roger Johnson (lead guitar), Arizona blues legend Carey Slade (vocals), Charlene Tarango (vocals) and last but not least, the wizardry of engineer Mike Bolenbach of Full Well Recording.

An eclectic mix of The Beatles, Off Broadway musicals, XTC, and Frank Zappa all delivered as bitingly satirical, original and humorous power pop makes this a selection where everyone can find their favorite.

“I started this project upon the dissolution of my last band - I had a wealth of material that I wasn’t able to put on the last two CD’s, plus going it alone is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In that regard, this compilation is the realization of a dream. The musicians who joined me on this project are accomplished and secure in their talent, and it shows.”

The artwork for the cover was done by LauRha Frankfort (see more of her work at, a multi-talented musician/artist who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Everything about this CD, from the cover art to the design by Mary McCarty of Jezac Design (the graphic designer for “Creatures of Habit”) to the music inside is uniquely me. Fans can preview and purchase at either CD Baby,, or on Garageband, Give a listen, I think you will be pleased by what you hear!”