Bill Slater

Bill Slater


Eclectic is his middle name...well maybe not his REAL middle name, but it is a mix of Beatles, Jethro Tull, XTC, humorous power pop and more...and he's not kidding.


Local Phoenix artist/musician Bill Slater, formerly of “Slater & Shellans” released his first solo project “Lines & Circles” on label Futurama Records in September, 2006. Most of the session musicians from his previous two CD projects (”Living in Absentia” and “Creatures of Habit”) appear on this musical treat, including Phil Janzen (drums) Mindy Nilson (vocals) Jerry Donato (saxophone and flute) Wilson Gillette (pedal steel), Jimi Powers (lead guitar), and Tony Severino (bass). They are joined by new artists Steve Mitchell (lead guitar), Roger Johnson (lead guitar), Arizona blues legend Carey Slade (vocals), Charlene Tarango (vocals) and last but not least, the wizardry of engineer Mike Bolenbach of Full Well Recording.

An eclectic mix of The Beatles, Off Broadway musicals, XTC, and Frank Zappa all delivered as bitingly satirical, original and humorous power pop makes this a selection where everyone can find their favorite.

“I started this project upon the dissolution of my last band - I had a wealth of material that I wasn’t able to put on the last two CD’s, plus going it alone is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In that regard, this compilation is the realization of a dream. The musicians who joined me on this project are accomplished and secure in their talent, and it shows.”

The artwork for the cover was done by LauRha Frankfort (see more of her work at, a multi-talented musician/artist who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Everything about this CD, from the cover art to the design by Mary McCarty of Jezac Design (the graphic designer for “Creatures of Habit”) to the music inside is uniquely me. Fans can preview and purchase at either CD Baby,, or on Garageband, Give a listen, I think you will be pleased by what you hear!”


Can't You Take a Little Joke?

Written By: Bill Slater ©2005 BMI

I went out walking what a beautiful day
I heard the rumors running while I’m away
I know it’s true
What should I do?
What should I say?
It started out like such a beautiful day!

They say they saw you out last night on the town
And sitting next to you was some other clown
Didn’t you care for my erotic display?
That time I fell asleep and dreamed I was gay
What’s wrong with all my friends who drink til they choke?
What’s the matter honey
Can’t You Take a Little Joke?

When we first met I thought I just up and died
And now I wish that I’d been right at the time
Don’t worry baby I’m just kidding with you
You know that stalking ain’t a thing that I do
Just cause I’m angry doesn’t mean I misspoke
What’s the matter honey
Can’t You Take a Little Joke?

I’m rubber I guess that makes you glue!
Now that I found out about the things you do
So when you tell me both of us were untrue
It just bounces off of me and then it sticks to you!

All of my stuff is on the curb in a pile
If I’m a loser I’m a loser with style
The judge has ordered me to shut up and pay
I didn’t mean to shoot that bullet your way
And just forget you left me hungry and broke
What’s the matter honey
Can’t You Take a Little Joke?

Mr Smith of Nowhere

Written By: Bill Slater © 2005 BMI

“I’m Mr. Smith of Nowhere”
– A prisoner of Devil’s Island

Have you ever seen the hollow men?
They whisper when they speak
Straw heads and hollow hearts
Watch ‘em shuffle hear them creak
I never ever thought one day I’d find Someone who fit the part
Of a hollow man with a hollow head
And a hollow heart!

You're Mr Smith of Nowhere
No one remembers your name
You're Mr Smith of Nowhere
You don’t see life is a game
And it seems to most of the rest of us You’ve only yourself to blame
It’s just too bad that you don’t feel the same!

You smile but it can’t disguise
The shark’s teeth in their soul
All the things that you acquire
Could never fill that hole
Where your heart’s supposed to be Is blacker than the night
Can’t use what you used to abuse
And I say it serves you right!

You’re Mr Smith of Nowhere
It’s not funny but it’s true
You’re Smith of Nowhere
No kidding I mean you You’ve burnt every bridge you’ve built
And bitched about the pain
But if you’re in such misery
you’ve only yourself to blame!


You’re Mr Smith of Nowhere
Won’t come in from out of the rain
You’re Mr Smith of Nowhere
You write a question mark for your name
And it seems to most of the rest of us You’ve only yourself to blame
It’s just too bad that you don’t feel the same!

Shades of Gray

Written By: Bill Slater © 2005 BMI

You can’t stop hate with hatred
Can’t live your life in fear
You can’t become like those you oppose
That’s what the monster is waiting to hear
If you act just as they do
You become like them
And bend the way the wind blows
It’s not a question of how it’s just a matter of when
Then what’s the difference between black and white?
And good or bad or wrong or right?
No more distinction between night and day
There’s only SHADES OF GRAY

The real story of humanity
Is of intolerance of liberty
It’s making bigots of all race and kinds
Puts bars and cages inside their minds
So what’s the difference between red or blue?
When we are busy raping what is true?
No more division between stone or clay
It’s all just SHADES OF GRAY

Middle 8
And if this song makes you feel ill at ease
I didn’t write it so that it might please
Those banner bearers and what they have to say
The left hand doesn’t know that the right’s at play
I can’t keep my anger at bay
You say it’s all just SHADES OF GRAY


(They tell us) Put down your mind and pick up your gun
Get back in line you’ve got ‘em on the run
What’s that your sayin’? They’re hiding their faces
(You) find the devil in the STRANGEST places
I know the difference between black and white
And good and bad and wrong and right?
No more distinction between the night and day
It’s all just SHADES
(You say) It’s all just SHADES
(I know) It’s only SHADES OF GRAY


CD - "Living in Absentia", 2004
CD - "Creatures of Habit", "2005
"Dark Side of the Dial" Air America Radio NYC, Air America Radio Phoenix, 2005
"Baby That's What I Call Love" Pipeline Radio, UK

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