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Queenie Mullinix


Even cowgirls get the country, jazzy blues.

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A Better Place

Written By: Queenie Mullinix, Billy G Terry

Tim's my friend and nearest neighbor
Lives 3 miles down in a double wide trailer    
He lost an arm in Afghanistan
In the Army he worked on tanks & trucks
Helped me fix my John Deere up
Winks and says "call me when you need a hand"

He don't waste time on sad stories or feeling sorry for himself
There's way more to this man than a purple heart
Sittin' on a shelf

He don't walk too proud and he don't talk too loud              
Always has a kind word and a smile on his face                    
He's seen trouble, but he stays humble 
Doin' little things with amazing faith  
And when he leaves this world
He's gonna leave this world
A better place   

Elijah was a railroad porter
Provides for his wife and daughter
Still plows up his garden every spring
He never got an education
Sent his girl to college scrimpin' and savin'
Shares with anyone who has a need

Takes troubled kids from the mission fishin' off old town bridge     
Some folks see him as a poor man                   
But he'll say "my life's been rich"    


Me & Tim still fish off the old town bridge
And reminisce about the man
Elijah's gone but his spirit lives on
In the boys he saved back then
Yeah he was always telling us...

Don't walk too proud, don't talk too loud              
Always keep a kind word and a smile on your face                    
You'll see trouble, just stay humble 
Doin' little things with amazing faith  
And when you leave this world
Leave this world a better place