Bill Tucker

Bill Tucker


Bill Tucker is a Chicago singer/songwriter combining folk, punk, rock, and experimental composition incorporating strings, brass, etc. His songs are inspired by the many people he meets and the stories that they tell. For more information:


Label : Reformer Records, 1980 Records, Thinker Thought, Cave Sounds
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A glance at Bill Tucker passing on the street is to see a man all about individuality. At the same time, a listen to any of his albums or a jaunt to any of his shows will show a great interest in collaboration. His band is called Bill Tucker and Friends, and it is evident that everyone in it has an input, which is guided by Bill’s wonderful and sometimes eccentric vision. The eccentricity of Bill and Friends only add to their appeal, however. When attending a show, the atmosphere is a definite “come as you are, enjoy yourself,” which encourages the audience to rock out in whatever way they feel compelled to by the music.

The last two Bill albums that crossed my path were Illusions of Repetition, a thirteen track jaunt into the world of Bill Tucker and Friends, and Little Jesus, a joint effort by BTF and Jonni Greth and the Drones. Illusions of Repetition grabs attention from the very start by combining spoken word with an instrumental backdrop in Peoria Illinois, then gets down to the rockin’ that seems quintessential Bill Tucker in Indiana Avenue and following tracks. One of the standouts tracks is definitely Gameshow Fear, a song that got amazing audience participation at a recent show at the Hollywood in Chicago, Illinois. My I.D. is Me, previously featured on Consistent Themes #2, is also a notable track. Sometimes experimental, but consistently winning, Illusions of Repetition is a great album. The standouts on Little Jesus are Copper Eye and Grayscale Rainbow; both songs seem stylistically more Bill.

Take it from a person who has listened to everything from Taylor Swift to Run DMC to Flogging Molly and beyond: you will like Bill Tucker and Friends.

Written By Anne Wickboldt


Greyscale Rainbow

Written By: Bill Tucker

And I wont Play your game
even if i'm lonely, hungry, and lost
cuz I'll be far away
looks like the concrete shares my trust
and I'll be free from your ways
never ever fear the majority
midwestern wind it blows right through
me cause there's no sales tax in kansas

you once told me the fires on
but when i look the fires gone
the rains came yeah

There's nothing to supervise
clear out my mind and have a good time
To the losers who insult the poor
for not being privileged
we won't take your shit anymore.


Indiana Avenue

Written By: Bill Tucker

ghosts with socks and daggers
are coming off the stockyards
our friends blood is on our hands
oh what people say today
and all these pains and aches
no hospital can mend

we've all been spittin curses
our missing teeth are proof
these iron bars are bending
by will alone
i've given everything
or at least i thought i had

here's the first of our factories
exploring vitamins
we're setting up our unions
establishing governments
and it's all the same
but the lessons never learned

My I.D. Is Me

Written By: Bill Tucker

Here's the word on Mayor James
He's got all the jazziest things to say
He drank a bit much Wild Rose
He's pulling me off the train with the biggest smile I've known

Here's a story about Governor Freddy
He's got a rat named Security
Security comes when he calls
Man he's a scammer but he's
the toughest nail of all

Pine Shrugs

Written By: Bill Tucker

and i am a monster
ruining yr education
helping you miss your classes
all across the country

and what are you
gonna get with yr few dollars
in yr cracked dry fingers
i'm lured into yr addiction
cause theirs more young than old and mentally ill

and we drove in circles
along the beautiful woods
all around those highways and bi-ways
help me help myself no one ever would

and there once was a frog named albert
he lived in a round twig shack
and when it rained
he sailed away
cause rain won't take no for an answer


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Sets are about 30-45 minutes. No set is the same.