Bill Vincent

Bill Vincent

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Bill's music varies depending on the project need, but pop, jazz, and even country sometimes creep into the mix. He has been professionally creating music for clients and media projects for over 15 years.


Bill's musical style and influences come from a variety of sources, flowing through different time periods, genres and bands such as the Beatles, Elton John, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Prince, Madonna, and even into modern pop and hip hop.


The Girl I Am

Written By: Annie Ortmeier/Bill Vincent

The Girl I Am
© 2005, Annie Ortmeier & Bill Vincent. All Rights Reserved.

I’m the kind of girl
that likes to go with the flow
Have a quiet night in,
or maybe go to a show
I can get real wild
or I can be quite shy
I can hang with the girls,
or just be one of the guys

I say “to thyself you must be true…”
That’s the best thing I know how to do…

Cuz That’s the girl I am
That’s the girl I am
What you see is what you get
But I might just surprise you yet
Cuz that’s the kind of girl – that’s the girl I am

I’m a party girl
when the time is right
Throw back a few beers
and stay up all night

but don’t get me wrong
I won’t go too far
Everybody has limits
And I know what mine are

I say “to thyself you must be true…”
That’s the best thing I know how to do…

- Chorus -

There’s not one label you can put on me
I love my overalls, and my designer jeans
I like country, and Rock and Roll too
It’s my life and I do what I do….

- Chorus -


Rusty J - co-producer, writer, musician

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