Bill Watkins

Bill Watkins

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Something in Me Changed

Written By: Bill Watkins

"Something in Me Changed"

When I saw you, I turned on the Light;
You stood there, lookin' up --Didn't even put up a fight.

A Stonewall like Jackson, you didn't budge at all, baby doll--Nah

No you didn't budge
Maybe I gave you a nudge
(that night)

Something in Me Changed
I re-arranged some things--had given up almost on love,

I once said it'd be a miracle to marry--

But when I learned your name and age

Something in me Changed


Hope for me has always come from Truth--

The color in a rainbow, the rain stopped
Let's watch the grass grow

I'm in love with life--didn't happen over night, I

Had to first admit I couldn't do it 'fore I did it LET
God take over, fast and pray
Watch the grass move a mountain if you like.....
U get to appreciate hard times--

Yes even the Rain, honeychild--

For when it rains, YEAH!

I know that something in me Changed