Bill Waugh

Bill Waugh

 Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA

"Light Rock, Acoustic Rock- Contemporary life situations are depicted in the songs, mostly from personal experience, some from observation of others close to him..."


After traveling from Idaho to North Carolina in September of 2012, Bill Waugh continues to create and record new material for the 2015 year, with plans to perform Eastern NC, as well as the DC area, then West to Nashville TN. 

The latest album “Where I Stand” will shed some light on the events of his personal life. Light Rock, Acoustic Rock- Contemporary life situations are depicted in the songs, mostly from personal experience, some from observation of others close to him.

Bill also began a project last year with new original Rock group “CounterSuit”, hitting the stage in Fall 2014.

The self-titled acoustic EP “Breaking” release 2012 was inspired by the fact that, despite his ability to front a full band, Bill was determined to let the world know where he was truly coming from. “I wanted to trim the fat on this one…just keep it raw and real.”

Four years ago, his song  6 Strings (recorded with former band Craving Dawn) hit the air, notably on an FM station that primarily plays hard rock and metal.  

In the winter of 2003, Bill went through a divorce and began to scribe his passive-aggressive emotions on paper. Then it just clicked. Bill realized he had a gift for tying the elements together. “It was like therapy I didn’t know that I needed.” he says. Then one song after another poured out. He got a notebook, and amongst scratches and scribbles came “…something people need to hear. I know they can relate.”

Bill had self-produced solo album “Passion Seeds” Fall of 2009, in which he gave away about 150 copies. But the “band” were his keyboard and multi-track recorder. He felt it was time to get some real musicians together, who later became rock band Craving Dawn. The 5 piece group gained local success in Boise, Idaho, playing over 50 live shows in their first year. They produced as well, album “Learning Curve”, performed in Las Vegas and sent song Altar for Fears to France on a Midem compilation CD.

In the fall of 2011, Bill left Craving Dawn (who broke up immediately after) due to creative conflict and personal reasons to set out solo once more, working on material to record and perform, and has since realized the beginning of his dream. The cover songs can go…the fans are now asking for more original songs at his live shows.



Written By: Bill Waugh

you pick your fights with a battle-axe Baby
you don’t seem to have a need for my sex, Baby
but then you worry ‘cause I don’t even miss you
I’m fighting tension that I can’t even see through

now we’re breaking only time will tell, we’ll be the last ones to know
I think we’re taking this love to hell, if we’re going down, we’re goin’ down
and if we’re breaking then break, break with me

I don’t think you know what you want, Baby
and I don’t know how to give it to you, Lady
there’s gotta be some way to get by it all
‘cause nothin’ hurts like it hurts when you lose it all

I think we’re lucky ‘cause we’re still alive, Baby
maybe we can make it through the night, Baby
and if we spill some blood, we’re gonna heal, right?
we’re either dead or we’re living the high life

In My Head

Written By: Bill Waugh

the skies will darken on the way
then you don’t know what to do
I run out of things I need to say
and I don’t know how to look at you

our demons craved by our memories
pulled through our skin, it seems so thin
what we think is our destiny
we find out that there is more within

and in my head, I think I’m still here
I haven’t had enough and I’m holdin’ out again
the slowest healing comes with the one that is near
but with all the sacrifice I refuse to see the end

the sleeping brings the peace of mind
but sleep too long, you’ve lost it all
wake and find that you walk a line
and living a life is worth a fall

in my head I’m still here, and I will be ‘till the end


Written By: Bill Waugh

I don’t understand why you gotta be
such a damn fantasy to everyone around
not everyone buys what you’re selling, anyway
they won’t always be around

so hey…Sometimes I think you’re here to swallow me
and hey…sometimes I drink so you don’t swallow me
hey…we’ll both go down if I don’t get away and save my pain
don’t swallow me, yeah

you strut like you came from a golden egg
but you need someone there to show you the town
I saved you from a mudslide, then you made the rain
but you won’t even hold my hand while I drown

I wonder what your life will be without me
now that I am breaking the hell out of here
well maybe you should play your game in the mirror
that’s the only way you’ll find one like you

Empty Handed

Written By: Bill Waugh

shoot for what you wanted, got what you needed
that same old boring town you just can’t leave
don’t know where to play in the summer
don’t know where to sleep in the wintertime
guided through the night by the neon signs

you had your saving grace
you threw it back in the face of the one who really knew you

where you gonna find it now that you’ve made your stand and left empty handed?
at least the ones still holding on can share this shitty life and won’t die alone

you panic at an uncertain future
you feel like you are drowning
so pull your face out of the pool of you


Album: Passion Seeds-released October 2008
Album: Learning Curve-released July 2010
IRL Music Consultants-Midem France compilation CD
Idaho Rockers compilation CD
Local Playlist at Goldy's Corner
Pluto Radio (streaming)
Sunken Radio (streaming)
You Tube-multiple fan videos
Song 6 Strings played on 100.3 The X Rocks!

Current and past venues:

Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas, NV
Gold Mine Tavern Henderson, NV
New Frontier Club Meridian, ID
The Curb Meridian, ID
Terrapin Station Boise, ID
Liquid Lounge Boise, ID
The Bouquet Boise, ID
WilliB's Sandwich Saloon Boise, ID
Jo's Sunshine Lounge Boise, ID
Overland Bar Boise, ID
Clearwater Canyon Cellars Lewiston, ID
Library Coffee House Meridian, ID
City of Meridian Fireworks Festival, Story Park Meridian, ID
Great Strides Benefit for Cystic Fibrosis Boise, ID
McCall Winter Carnival McCall, ID
Promenade Music Festival Boise, ID
Boise Car Club, Outlet Malls Boise, ID
The Idaho Rally, County Fairgrounds Boise, ID
Holiday Inn’s Big New Years Eve Party

Set List

Taken Over
It's Time
Weird Walkin'
What About It All?
Simple Man (cover)
A Piece of Me
Just Say It
What Did I Let Go?
This Is Me
Just Keep Livin'
Altar For Fears
Empty Handed
Told You So
Last One