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believing dreams

Written By: William Garman

Believing Dreams

Singing Intro
Can you believe that it was me, Can ya (2x)

Verse 1
I’m under clinical depression with stressing coming from 5 different points, if that don’t make me a star, then what dose what will bring me the freedom to kill within these lyrical bicep’s, to bypass everything I know, till I end up mental own a fiddle, on a corner with a monk dancing to the beat of a drunk and that’s how I get rich, well then fine, for the rest of my life this is who I am this is who I’ll be, cause I already know that my destiny is here, is now, has found, a place reliable for me, the fountains unbelievable the choices is unreal, but I still sit here waiting for my number one deal

Verse 2
Trembling, shaking in a world of frustration, why is it me going through this temptation? I look around all I see are my dreams, like a puzzle in this maze set up for me, breath in comes the puff of mistaking, but I keep speaking cause its rough to seek Him, boggled up inside is only half at which I collide with, the other half is lost with witch I hide within, could this be a fatal attraction “asking for answers” or is it a college to a mind that will never give up the sum to addition, tradition, break your thoughts have you sleeping on cots then rebuild your style as I feel, I said rebuild your style a I feel – privet

Am I a threat cause I chose success, or is it this karma coming out of my chest
Am I a target cause I’m out to impress or is it this attitude saying I’m the best (2x)

Verse 3
I’m haunted by my dreams, and every night it seems, going through these battles, and fighting cause it means, everything that’s important in my vision and dreams, the reality I face is embrace the imposable the chance of that happing is slim to none, if I relied on chance everything would be gone I would have no life I would have no breath And yes I was chosen to live with no regret in everything I do from birth till death sunrise to set even in the dark in the shadows of the night I pursue to perfect and explain to enlight recite my vows into this game my rights of passage reached out and claimed bring this beat back see that I reign

Feel my Dream let this be
Can you see that it’s me
Hold to this delivery
Of God given prophecy

What seems to be the Masterpiece
Fights to be the classic feast
You’ll never toast to my delivery
When you’re mocking my simplicity

See my Dreams come Alive
Hear my voice look inside
Brace your self for this ride
of out-a-control time to rise

Breath these Dreams let this be
Why can’t you see that it’s me
I hold to my delivery
Cause it’s a God given prophecy

Singing Outro
Can you believe that it was me can ya


Written By: William Garman

H.O.M.E. 8 July 2010

Verse 1
This is the other side of life, the one that steals when given the chance, the one that kills when spitting lyrics in a trance, dance around the music industry when the history is pop, how can you not lock in the deal when the deal is too hot to block, this is a message sent out for those who walk out life blaming the government, poverty’s a choice, let my voice rise to the top
History has been told the old are dead and gone, but if you remember the days of Vietnam, hold your heads up, cause I know the nights that you stopped fighting the enemy and mentally broke down, dreaming about the pleasures of a long lived life, not knowing if your going back, missing a wife, cause your best friend shook her from your side, playback the scene and realize this is a soldiers scream, from the inside

When is there going to be a day, that I can sleep the night away –I said
The pretty nurse says goodnight for now, until I can play the rushing roulette, I’m trapped inside these walls to forget, forget it; I’m at the mercy of a Psychological clinic, protecting my identity, from the news media cynics, I’m proud of who I am, cause I went all that I am

Verse 2
A switch blade inside, press a button then I’ll slide, cutting you into pieces, I’m at war Oh please Jesus, give me the strength to fight on, I got dog tags on, I got artillery songs, where the background belongs, with this pencil I begun, to scratch out what I had done, from the fire on my tongue, feeling a freedom from what I’ve done killing at the heartbeat make a song or two ta compete, I own this hip hop making it drop off beat
This is a time of promise, this is a time of pain, this is a time of a soldier, bout time I take reign kingdom come, feel my pain here I come, see bloodshed like I’ve seen, feeling crazy make a scene, got me tied up start to scream, here’s your medication thank you for serving the country, freedom ain’t free when the US of A hates me, not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you?

Verse 3
Victory is flawless, had enough a all this, skin stained blood red, fingertips are all gone, time to lay it all down, see my wife fall down, let the tear slide down, baby girl is grown no, flashback -- lets go, on to another kill, family - standing still, eyes wide open, forever and ever, will I ever see another day, free from the burden of, 24 7 opps, all the way to the top, hip hop at a level, hold another rebel, in the hall of fame kenel, underground cock fighting, bring me something I can smother, make another sacrifice, die in the name of, memory block all clear, time to get him shoot there, let him see nothing in me, as he bleeds standing there, another rapper by the book, died by the crowd shook, put the microphone down let my hook take us out

When is there going to be a day, that I can sleep the night away
The pretty nurse says goodnight for now